A resident of Lucknow has been detained for allegedly sponsoring the unrest in Kanpur on June 3, as per the police.

Since the event on June 3, when a violent altercation broke out between two groups belonging to different clans in Kanpur purportedly over a market stoppage, the guy identified as Haji Vasi has been missing.

AP According to Tiwari, Additional Commissioner of Police, the accused has previously been the subject of a non-bailable warrant.

“Haji Vasi was detained by the Kanpur Police on Monday night. He is charged with the violence on June 3 in Kanpur. Since the event, we have been looking for him nonstop on a non-bailable warrant. He’ll be brought before the court,” he declared.

The Kanpur Development Authority had previously, according to the police, blocked off Vasi’s land.

On June 11, the police detained a second suspect, Nizam Qureshi from Kanpur, the president of Jamiatul Quresh, who was frequently seen with Hayat Jaffar Hashmi, the instigator of the violence.

The primary suspect in the Kanpur violence case, Hayat Jaffar Hashmi, was detained alongside three additional conspirators: Javed Ahmed Khan, Mohammad Rahil, and Mohammad Suffian.

They were all allegedly connected to the Maulana Ali Jauhar Fans Association and were placed under judicial remand for 14 days on June 5, according to the police.

Up to 76 people have been detained in the investigation so far.

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