As Emmanuel Macron postponed an official visit to address the crisis, protests over the police killing of a French teenager have expanded to nearby Belgium and Switzerland. As protesters in Lausanne, Switzerland, voiced their outrage at the weekend death of Nahel Merzouk, 17, clashed with police.

The killing, which was deemed “inexcusable” by French President Macron, took place during a traffic stop in the Paris banlieues on Tuesday. The French youngster, who is of Moroccan and Algerian origin, was killed. In response to the tragedy, there were several rallies across the country, which culminated in car fires and building attacks.

According to reports, Molotov cocktails were used during the early-morning Sunday protest in Lausanne, and windows were broken and bricks were hurled, according to witnesses. In an incident that recalled “the events and riots raging in France,” the Swiss police reported that “more than a hundred youths gathered in central Lausanne and damaged businesses.” On Thursday, protesters and police fought in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, where 64 people were detained by the police.







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