Lin Wood, an Atlanta-based Attorney has made explosive claims about some judges of the US Supreme Court namely, Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Stephen Breyer conspiring to nix the re-election of President Donald Trump. Lin Wood in a series of tweets produced below said he is in possession of documents to prove his allegations and has handed it over to several third parties.

Lin Wood claims that Chief Justice John Roberts in a phone conversation in 8/19 with Justice Stephen Breyer, used abusive language to refer to President Donald Trump and said he would make sure that Donald Trump would never be re-elected. Lin Wood mentioned that CJ Roberts in his phone conversation with Justice Breyer discussed about how to get Donald Trump voted out.

Thus, Lin Wood demanded that both Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Stephen Breyer should resign immediately. Lin Wood said that he is being targeted for bringing out the truth but he would see to it that the truth reaches the public at large by handing over the relevant documentations with respect to the aforementioned conversation to several third parties.

These revelations if true are very shocking as it throws to the wind the concept of Judicial Impartiality, Judicial Independence and an institution of unbiased justice. It is noteworthy that the Judges of the Supreme Court of the USA are appointed by the political party in power, i.e. the President nominates the candidate and the Senate passes a resolution favouring the nomination. So, it is quite clear that the Judges are appointed according to their political leanings and closeness to the incumbent President and the political party in majority in the Senate when they are appointed to the Supreme Court.

So, the much touted judicial independence, impartiality and having the judiciary to serve as an institution of checks-and-balance to the excesses of legislature and executive is just a charade.

In India, we earlier had the executive nominating through the President, the Chief Justice of India and the other Judges of the Supreme Court. Notably, the Indian President is a titular head as the real executive powers are exercised by the Prime Minister heading a cabinet of Ministers. But from 1993, after the Second Judges case, a collegium of senior most Judges of the Supreme Court headed by the Chief Justice of India recommend the appointments of Judges to the Supreme Court which is sent to the President for his assent (i.e. in effect assent of the government in power at the Centre).

The Indian judiciary including the Supreme Court is entrenched with Judges who are more inclined to communist and Hinduphobic mindset as can be evinced from the fact that the Supreme Court of India is wasting tax payers’ money by uselessly deliberating in a Constitutional Bench whether the Sanskrit prayer: “Asto ma Sadgamaya, Tamaso ma Jyotirgamaya and Mrityorma Amrutam Gamaya, Om Shanti, Shanti, Shantihi” ( Lead me to truth from ignorance, lead me to light from darkness, lead me to immortality from death, Peace! Peace! Peace!)  should be chanted as prayer in Kendriya Vidyalaya Schools as it allegedly hurts the religious sentiments of minorities!

So, whether it is the US Supreme Court or the Indian Supreme Court you can get only as much unbiased justice as the left dominated media gives you credence.

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