“Cancel culture (or call-out culture) is a modern form of ostracism in which someone is thrust out of social or professional circles online on social media, in the real world, or both.”

Akshay Kumar was soaring high with positive social messages and films. The film Pad Man highlighted the plight of women and challenges related to menstruation. The film was well made and directed and one could almost overlook the lackluster performance of the talentless Sonam Kapoor in the film. The only ‘hero’ the film needed was Akshay Kumar. Though the story of Arunachalam Muruganantham is not exactly depicted on screen, the film did a decent job of conveying multiple important messages.

Similarly, Akshay Kumar soared to new heights with his performance in Toilet. While some Bollywood films try to pack everything in one movie – comedy, drama, romance, social messaging, etc., the film Toilet did an exceptional job in conveying the main story while utilizing the feminine power to bring the messaging through.

These two characters of Akshay convinced the audience that he actually cares about improving the conditions in Bharat, irrespective of the debates which surround his Canadian allegiance. Akshay scored his biggest hit when he interviewed Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Akshay became even more of a National Darling when he donated twenty-five crore Rupees towards the fight against Coronavirus.

Since these accomplishments, Akshay seems to have taken a detour off the National Highway. He has been vocal about not going to temples, and instead, giving money to the poor. Netizens have responded with memes and videos about not watching Akshay’s films but donating the ticket monies to the poor instead.

Lately, Akshay’s newly re-titled film Laxmi (previously titled Laxmi Bomb) contains all the things which we usually would not expect from Akshay. The story and film are accused of promoting Love Jihad. The title of the film also drew ire of many groups and the change was made as to placate the concern of the masses.

Akshay has also come forth and stated that it would be lie to pretend that a drug problem did not exist in Bollywood. This has also drawn various people’s anger against the actor calling for ban on his films.

So what is happening to Akshay? Are these publicity stunts, poor decisions in agreeing to scripts or is he infected by the anti-national, leftist virus?

It is a known fact that Akshay’s wife – Twinkle is a vocal leftist, Bollywood elite who pretends to be funny while insulting everything under the sun, including India’s Prime Minister. Even Modi, during the interview with Akshay acknowledged this fact and Akshay had little to say about the embarrassment his wife’s political stances on camera, in front of Modi.

Akshay has been a National Hero but lately he’s stumbled and fallen over and over. Will the Khiladi make a comeback or has Akshay Kumar essentially been canceled?

Source of definition: Wikipedia, Outlook India, https://miraclegalery.blogspot.com/

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