The JNU of Tamilnadu – The Loyola Collage is the cradle for Urban Naxals in Kollywood, Print media & Many Tamil Tv channels.

Yes, Loyola College, Chennai, Is the vice den and don in the above realm. Ever since its inception supposedly on a temple land which itself is not a good beginning by any respectable standard for an educational institution which is supposed to impart values to its students.

Controversies are not new for this Christian minority institution which receives an enormous amount from the university grants commission (UGC) which is under the central government.

In the good old days, thanks to the British plans large tracts of land belonging to temples primarily in Madras, Madurai & Tirunelveli towns were handed over to the Jesuit administration for starting schools, colleges, and hospitals. This was the Macaulay scheme for converting the Hindus to Christianity.

The other part of this was in depriving the rich temples of their income which in turn would lead to their decline. And exactly what has happened. The Madras Presidency as it was called comprising of parts of Andhra and Kerala thus became the mecca for education. Free health care schools and colleges were the carrots dangled to convert the major Hindu population. The British were ably aided by the justice party which was founded with the sole aim of destroying the Brahmin caste.

Loyola College Chennai continues successfully the work of the British regime to date. In Jan-2019 Loyola College held a 3-day exhibition to honor artisans and village craftsmen. But the products exhibited there had nothing to do with this. Instead, there were paintings of Hindu Gods depicting them in a crude, vulgar, obscene manner. Even our Bharat Mata was not spared.

This exhibition was inaugurated by a bureaucrat Mr. Sagayam, IAS another rice bag convert who is always up to his tricks in showing his loyalties to his new masters. There was an uproar and several complaints were lodged by various Hindu outfits, the BJP Tamilnadu, and several individuals.

The exhibition was held successfully and after that, the management came with the explanation that it was unaware of the nature of the paintings. The college only rented out its premises and that they were taken for a ride by the organizers. To date, no FIRs have been filed nor the courts have taken Suo moto action.

Now the latest scandal is of sexual harassment of its staff and financial embezzlement by a former principal who is close to the DMK party and The Sun tv network. This principal is also closely related to Actor Joseph Vijay.

The Sun foundation donates large sums regularly to the alumni association which is at the center of the controversy now. The alumni club boasts of various top names like the Maran brothers, top IPS and IAS officers, politicians, scions from royal and business families.

The Loyola College conducts election polls frequently and the results predicted a swing towards the DMK party only.

One Mr. Joseph Kennedy, secretary of the All India Christian federation is the man who has openly come out with corruption and sexual harassment charges. He is an old student and his mother, the victim Mary Rajasekhar was the secretary to the director of Loyola Institute of business administration shortly called LIBA. Their family has been connected with the institution for over 20 years and Mr.Joseph Kennedy after graduating from the college became an office-bearer of the alumni association. His mother was given charge as co-ordinator of the alumni association. One Mr. Joseph Alphonso was the Principal of the college during the early 1990s but he was expelled due to sexual misconduct and other corruption charges. This same person after a few years came back and took charge as Director of the alumni association. Joseph Alphonse is the brother of Xavier Britto who is the producer of actor Joseph Vijay’s film “master” which is due for release. the music release event of this film was also at the center of certain controversies.

Actor Vijay’s s films openly propagate against the central government and criticize the various schemes and actions of Prime-Minister Modi’s regime. One can connect the obvious dots now.

The alumni club is the main funding source. In the year 2013 for the college anniversary, funds to the tune of about 3 crores were collected as building funds and for other infrastructure purposes. But this amount was not used for the college development but went into the pocket of Joseph Alphonse.

Huge donations were also collected from new admissions recommended by the alumni club. But the sum collected was diverted to a family trust called ” Nagapattinam Trust”. The corpus funds of the alumni club which was used for scholarship schemes were also illegally transferred to this family trust.

Mary Rajasekhar got to know of all these corrupt practices. She complained to the college administration. They also found it to be true and so curtailed the powers of Alphonse and clipped his wings. This angered Alphonse who started harassing Mary. Things took an ugly turn that Mary was transferred to another dept and her son Kennedy was also sidelined in the alumni club activities.

The mother-son duo filed a case in the high court in 2016 but nothing has come out of this to date. In 2019 Kennedy visited the Vatican and spoke about this issue to the governing body there. Even then nothing happened.

In 2019 he approached the PMO in New Delhi. Shaken by this step the Vatican sent its representatives to enquire into the matter. The Loyola college comes under the Madurai Jesuit control. The visiting official found the allegations to be true and so the Madurai Jesuit office ordered that a complaint be filed. The scheming Loyola administration broke away from the Madurai Jesuit control and formed an independent Chennai Jesuit region. The corruption and other irregularities are going on uninterrupted till now. Sex scandals, money laundering, Hindu bashing, communal disturbance, anti-national propaganda are in full spring unabated.

Now, Who is going to rein in the white cassock and bring them to kneel?

That’s a billion-dollar question.!

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