Maulana Mufti Nadeem and Maulana Alam Raza Ghor were released on bail from the Bundi jail in Rajasthan on Saturday, one day after they were detained for making sensitive remarks for blasphemy over the Nupur Sharma controversy.

Both accused were freed after posting a surety bond for one lakh. The development had delighted Maulana Nadeem’s supporters, who had assembled outside the Bundi jail in violation of Section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC).

The Islamic preacher was initially given a 14-day jail term but was released on bail 24 hours after being taken into custody.

The Congress government in Rajasthan was compelled to take action against the cleric after Kanhaiya Lal’s horrifying murder. The startling speech had been made 28 days prior the terror act in Udaipur.

On June 3 of this year, during a demonstration at the Bundi Directorate, Maulana Mufti Nadeem delivered inflammatory speech. He was heard encouraging his followers to chop of the hands and gouge eyes of those who insult Prophet Muhammad.

“If she has blasphemed my master, as she has, and if someone else does the same, pay close attention… retaliate by taking action”, Maulana Nadeem threatened that Muslims will take matters into their own hands.

He added, “If Muslims give reactions, look at the history, whenever Muslims gave reaction against any community they became homeless. If you do not take action, we will react. This is not a request. This is an open threat.”

He said, “You can harm me, I will tolerate. I will slice hands and gouge eyes for blasphemy. You can mistreat my father, and I won’t object. You can mistreat my family, and I won’t object. You will have your tongue chopped if you say anything negative about my Nabi, though. You will get your hands chopped if you lift them.

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