The wounds of what happened in Udaipur on mere supporting of Nupur Sharma’s statement were not even dry that another gruesome incident came to light from Amravati in Maharashtra. A chemist was also murdered in Amravati because he supported Nupur Sharma’s statement.

Surprisingly, his Muslim friend was also involved in the murder of this chemist named Umesh Kolhe. This heinous murder had happened even before the Udaipur incident. But it came to light a long time later, because when the murder took place on June 21, the entire Nizam of Maharashtra was playing sarkar-sarkar from Mumbai to Delhi via Guwahati.

This gluttony of public representatives in the game of power has brought the country to a condition where politics has become a tool to serve only personal interests. The question arises that due to the new heinous incidents, we have reached that era, where we have to think whether to make friends of other people or not?

However, the statement of Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad on these incidents has given a new issue to the Bharatiya Janata Party. Arif Mohammad had questioned the education of madrassas and said that the law that slits the throat of the blasphemer is taught to the children here. It has been decided in the National Executive of the BJP running in Hyderabad that it will now put up a barricade against the nursery of intentions to behead. Not explicitly stated, but such a nursery simply means a madrasa. To whom Arif Mohammad pointed.

It is also true that if beheading or throat slitting is being taught somewhere, then why such education should not be stopped. After all, what and what kind of education do we want to give to our new or coming generation? Unless every parent is aware of this, there will be no improvement. However, it has been made clear in the resolution of the BJP executive that no remarks will be made against any particular religion from its side, but there will be a tough fight against the anti-national elements operating in the country.

The BJP says that fundamentalism has raised its head in the last few years in eight to ten states. The party will completely deal with such fanaticism. If I have to go to court, I will go, but in any case, fundamentalism will not be tolerated. The BJP will have to be careful in following its proposal that its objective does not reach the street in a hurry, otherwise the chaos that will spread will be difficult to handle.

Recently, Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat had also said regarding the Gyanvapi case that taking Gyanvapi as an example, we start looking for Shivling in every village, every street mosque, it is not right. Caution should be exercised in these matters. Surely BJP will also agree with Bhagwat’s statement.

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