You let a Comedian Volodymyr Zelenskyy become President, he got the entire country, Ukraine on its knees. You got another comedian to run a state, he got the entire state lie fainted. Yup, another person whom I am talking about is the Current Chief Minister of Punjab from the Aam Aadmi Party, Bhagwant Mann. Now you must be wondering while one got a country on its knees, how did another put the entire state in embarrassment ..and you might label me as biased and call me a BJP IT cell member. But one must remember apart from being a comedian, Bhagwant Mann is a “Drunkard” too.

Bhagwant Mann, the chief minister of Punjab, was recently removed from an aircraft due to drunkenness. Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann had to be assisted from the plane at Frankfurt because he was “too drunk to walk” for the Lufthansa flight to Delhi. Mann, who was visiting Germany from September 11 to September 18, postponed his departure because he was, according to reports, “in an inebriated state.” The Lufthansa 760 flight from Frankfurt to Delhi was 4 hours late, according to the flight tracking website FlightAware. It left Germany at the scheduled time of 1:40 PM, but instead took off at 5:34 PM and landed in Delhi at 4:40 AM, a 3.45-hour delay.

“The CM was not firm on his feet as he had imbibed excessive alcohol and had to be supported by his wife/security,” a fellow passenger wrote in a message. While Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), has fiercely refuted the reports, insisting Mann was not deplaned at the Frankfurt airport. The party referred to it as false and pointless propaganda by opponents.

According to representatives of the Chief Minister’s Office, the Chief Minister was unable to board the aircraft due to an urgent health issue. Co-passengers were reportedly quoted in disturbing media stories claiming that Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann was assisted from a Lufthansa flight because he was unable to walk. Furthermore, a 4-hour flight was delayed as a result.

The point is a person who is in a higher office in a state and ends up being deplaned because of his alcoholic addiction is somewhere shameful for that particular state where despite knowing this he was voted to power. Just like a comedian, Zelenskyy dragged the nations into the war ruined and himself with his wife posing for Vogue ‘amid’ the war, Bhagwant Mann, who is previously a comedian as well is also on his way to create another example.

Also, Mann has been wholeheartedly inspired by Arvind Kejriwal. Know how? It was Arvind Kejriwal who swore upon his children that he won’t be in alliance with Congress or BJP after the 2014 Delhi assembly elections. But just after the elections Yugpurush took a U-turn and formed the government with Congress. Similarly, before the Punjab legislative elections, Bhagwant Mann declared in the media that he won’t be drinking from then and stated it as a ‘sacrifice’, but he’s seen in a drunken state after holding the office of CM.

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