Bangladesh is an Islamic country and West Bengal is a state of Bharat, the land of Hindus but sadly there seems no difference between the two when it comes to crushing down the rights of Hindus.

On Sunday around Midnight Hindus were attacked at Burrabazar, Kolkata by Islamists while they were returning from Vishwakarma Puja visarjan. The incident is from Kotdar area of ​​Bada Bazar where Islamists thrashed Hindus who were returning after from Vishwakarma Puja visarjan. While returning Hindus were chanting ‘Jai Shree Ram’ slogans in joy to which some of Muslims present in the area objected and then attacked them. According to locals, the Hindus, shocked by the sudden attack, were running away bleeding. During this, many people suffered serious injuries, out of which two were admitted to the hospital.


Tabrez and Sarfaraz were the main accused . After thrashing out Hindus, they threatened them by saying “anybody who worships idols will have to pay a price”. After getting the information about the incident West Bengal BJP leader Devdutt Majhi reached the spot. The Hindus created pressure upon the police and therefore the police arrested two accused Tabrez and Sarfaraz.


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