When I look at all these life’s incidents, destruction, global warming, animal mass deaths, civilizational wars, Bio wars‚Ķn I read Vedas which say all this is Maya, Illusion‚Ķ

I feel Vedas teach us to come above these Maya…to the reality…

What is it, I don’t know‚Ķyet‚Ķbut I can feel it‚Ķits peace‚Ķvoid, bliss‚Ķnothingness‚Ķ

Is this the next step to our current existence…I guess so.

What next?

I believe,  we humans have God tatva in us‚Ķif we increase it‚Ķwe gain higher powers‚Ķ

Have you seen seers n sages living in -20 degree or sit in a boiling pan of water without any effect…

Some even gain Telekinesis, Telepathy…

The deeper they go into themselves,  the higher they vibrate‚Ķgaining superpowers‚Ķbut they don’t flaunt it as achievement for mortals praise‚Ķ

The deeper we go within ourselves the need to prove ourselves right will decrease….how does it matter what others think or talk about us? Ultimately its how we are , how is our work that speaks for us….this is more permanent.

What is Current Life’s Purpose then?

To Vibrate Higher. They know we’ll start meditation (which gives all answers n solves all problems), so negative forces are ensuring that constant small small issues are created which will irritate us / make us angry, make us respond to them‚Ķ

Have you observed, only few persons post hinduphobic posts, but all Hindus respond to it?

Yes, remaining Hindu Haters are not online, they are on ground, plotting, raising funds, arranging, communicating…

They’ve divided their tasks, delegated to specific groups‚Ķ.whereas we are multitasking, everyone is doing everything‚Ķwhich is not good.


We need to list out what exactly we want to achieve. Saving Sanatana Dharma? Good. How? What steps? Whom to contact? How to start? What about funds?

I guess each Sanatani has to join already existing groups who are doing wonderful works…

Our life’s purpose is not fighting Twitter Wars or proving to opponents how they are wrong‚Ķthey already know it‚Ķ.just wasting our TIME. Why? Because they’ve had 70 years to prepare, we have at max 2 years & every second is important.

We are not meant for just this, but much much higher things…

Its time we fight the rakshasas AND make effort to enter the next level of consciousness at the same time.

It was fun seeing a Sadhu fight with an attacker just with his mind‚Ķthe attacker couldn’t move‚ĶNow that is the level that I would prefer to go‚Ķ

Oh yes its real.

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