I am an average Indian born in a jaati which started off as Brahmins around 700 AD and subsequently transformed themselves as Kshatriyas and ruled over the portions of the northern planes for a few centuries and now can be termed as Shudras based on the profession they have in the modern day context. My parents spent almost everything they had on my education so that I can become an Engineer, earn a decent living and pull my family out of poverty. I did Engineering, got a job saved money, went 1 step further pursued MBA from one of Asia’s best college got a job again, making decent money and obviously pulled my family out of poverty. When my personal battle was won I realized a war is going on in India. It does not really appear like a war on surface but looks more like chaos and political rivalries. But, if you look deeper you will understand the bigger war.

The first time I noticed this war was when there was a huge campaign around Intolerance and it was projected to the world that India more specifically the Hindu has become intolerant. I wondered to myself can Hindus be really intolerant? My religion is based on a solid philosophy of “Kan kan me Bhagwan” how can it be intolerant? My religion gives me a choice to choose a different god at different stage of life. While my father prays to a different god, my mother prays to a different one. I pray to both, and a third one as well. I don’t think any other religion can confirm to such pluralism at the smallest coherent social level. My village, which is a complete Hindu village, prays to a peer Baba who was a Sidh Purush (Muslim) by birth. So there is no way an average Hindu can be intolerant. Its just not there in Hindu’s social & cultural DNA. 

Infact the word “Tolerance” itself is a western construct, which is not what India stands for. Once Rajiv ji (Rajiv Malhotra) had beautifully iterated on this point, he asks a simple question “Whom do you tolerate”? You tolerate someone whom you think is not your “equal” but inferior from you and since in modern society, you cant shoo them away you need to live with them so you need to be tolerant of them. The Indian alternate is not tolerance its mutual respect and living in Harmony. So eventually after lot of manthan I reached to a conclusion that there is no Intolerance, its all a maligned western and some Indian elitist construct to tear down the Indic side. What is the Indic side? It was when I asked this question I started understanding the bigger war at play.

Then I started noticing the trends in everything.

Selective outrage from both sides on Pelu Khan and Palghar lynching cases.  Anti CAA & CAA Support sides, 370 Abrogation, Justice for SSR, Kangna Ranaut vs Shiv Sena, Ayodhya ruling.  On any topic now Indian public divides itself in two camps. If you mistake this for a political divide, then let me name a few other disputes where political affiliation is less but the war is on; Sabarimala case, Hindu festival celebration , Free the Temples movement, Negating the Aryan invasion theory, Jallikatu, Aryan Dravidian divide, current dismantling of Bollywood, Rewriting the Indian History, Aurangzeb, Arnab, and many more. Latest in the list is Tanishq commercial backlash. While it may appear a fight between BJP and Other political parties, but let me warn you it manifests itself through these political tools.

The real fight is between Indic civilization that has 5000 years of culture and heritage behind it and the 500 years of its outside rulers from North West and British..

5000+ years of continuous Indic civilization is awakening now and wants to put up a fight to gain back what it lost in last 500 years. This is seen in the assertive Hindu demanding equality in constitution, Demanding No Conversion, raising a voice to preserve its culture and festivals, trying to free up temples and regain lost ones, demanding a Hindu Rashtra. It’s the representation of the Sanatan side. Whereas, the 500 is side which represents the external invaders who came to loot and plunder India roughly 1500 AD to 2000 AD and eat it up as a civilization and share the ruins among the invading culture/civilization.

To understand the war more clearly it is not only imperative to understand what is at stake for both sides but also to understand their starting positions. To understand the starting position of 5000 side let me evaluate the performance of our society from Dharmic context instead of using western indexes.

Lets start with basic building blocks of our society our Varna vyavastha and what its responsibilities are how each Varna has fared on their areas of responsibility.

1. Kshatriya – Responsible for maintaining territorial integrity and expanding territory

2. Brahmin – Responsible for educating everyone and developing knowledge, creating and promoting our world view

3. Vaishya – Responsible for trade & commerce and keeping the economic cycle going

4. Shudra – Responsible  for building the nation as craftsmen, carpenter, weaver, ship builder, armament builder, architect, construction, building goods and services etc etc.

Lets first see how all 4 have fared in history and how much ground has the 5000/Indic side lost in this infinite war.

Kshatriyas under Maurya’s at their peak took the territory beyond Kandhar in the North West. Lalitaditya & Sikhs took it beyond Kabul and also extended it into modern day Uighuristan. Southern Kshatriyas were even more adventurous they took it to Indonesia. If you ever happen to visit Bali, Thailand, you can see the Indian cultural impact till date.

However, despite best efforts and the sacrifices my Kshatriya brothers made for this land the reality as on today is we have lost the Maa Saraswati river bed to Pakistan. Kandhar/Gandhara the historic city from Mahabharta era is modern day Afghanistan. On the eastern front we have lost our cultural center Bengal to Bangladesh. Kshatriya must not forget this and should not allow anyone else in India to forget this. Maa Saraswati’s river bed belongs to us and we must have it back, if not now than 100 years later, if not 100, 200 years later. But we should not forget that it is ours and we shall / will / must take it back.

Now moving on to second Varna Brahmin:

Brahmins in the 5000/Indic era ensured the Education, Science, Philosophy and research was world’s best and the students from the entire world flocked to India to learn original thought. We had positioned ourselves as the epitome of culture, education & civilization.

Some of the famous universities of those time Nalanda, Takshashila, Vikramashila, Vallabhi, Pushpagiri and many others were a benchmark in that era

On that front where we stand today, unfortunately our IITs, IIMs are not even in contest with Harvards, Oxfords & MITs of the world.

Our Education, Research, scholar, Intelligentsia which was supposedly the best is now a copy cat at best. We are not producing much world class things. Being a copy cat we Indians are always seeking confirmation and acknowledgement from the west. Once Adv. J Sai Deepak said it clearly, if world has to learn Capitalism they can learn it from west why learn it from copy cat India, rather go to the original source. So modern day scholars has to bring in the essence of Brahmin back and detach his motivation from just financial greed and pick up a purpose in life which is to produce and remit world class knowledge to the mass of India. This has to be done at every level starting from primary schools to biggest research organizations, institutes or Think Tanks. We have no university in top 100 universities as on today. Our target should be not to be in Top 100/500 universities but to be No 1 & get slots in top 10

The next Varna Vaishyas had been at the forefront from the times immemorial, our traders had reached out to different parts of the world. Mesopotamian inscriptions indicate that Indian traders from Indus valley carried copper, Hardwood, Ivory and spices in 2900 BCE. Indian products were even sold in Roman empire. Indian artifacts and seals are found at so many places around the world that you have to literally shut your eyes to deny the existence and trading capabilities of Indian Vaishya community.

Our Vaishyas had developed a financial instrument called “Hundi” which functioned like a travellers cheque. It had such global repute that it can be “cashed in” in Arabia, Cairo, Belgium etc.

My request to Vaishya community is please build up companies who can look Tesla, Google and Facebook of the world eye to eye and beat them up. From what we inherited after Independence we have managed to get only 7 companies in Fortune 500 list. Build up companies with the bigger vision keeping the Dharmic civilization at forefront and not just with short term greed as the driver. You have done it in past you can do it again.

Moving on to the last and very important Varna The Shudra: Shudras are literally the builders of the civilization. Their work still stands tall and beautiful when most of our previous glory is gone. Indian monolithic temples, which were made by our Shudra artisans, has no comparison in the world. Even with modern machinery & technology it is almost impossible to produce such a wonder. The Indian Shudra chisel has produced engineering marvels

Indian Shipbuilding was the best in the world for centuries its only in the 500 era that we lost our lead. Clothes produced by Indian weavers were export quality and was sold across the world till British chopped of hands of Indian weavers to sell their own goods. Our steel industry was among world’s best. Delhi’s non rust iron pillar from 375 CE is a testament to Indian Luhar’s knowhow. Over ages we have lost lots of it and are laggards in steel production today.

The Shudra who was the blood line and the builder of this civilization was reduced to a Poor and Bechara during the 500 era. The atrocity literature of this 500 era is extrapolated and narrated so loudly that a common belief is built up that atrocities have continued throughout, even during the 5000 Era which may not be true and must be researched further. I have reasons that it was not the case which I will discuss subsequently.

To just sum up the effectiveness and interdependence of Varna Vyavastha in 5000 era and explain what we lost when we lost to 500 side, I would like to share a graph from The Book, “ The World Economy – Historical Statistics” by Angus Maddison published by OECD development center.

What you can clearly see is till 1500 AD which is basically the 5000 era or the Sanatan era we were the world’s leading economy. It would be fully wrong to attribute this to just one Varna. Having the worlds largest economy is not possible without contribution coming from all Varna of the society. 500 side has reduced us from world’s leading economy to a poor third world country.

Now that we have understood what is lost and where we stand lets take a look at how the battle is played out and what will the 500 side attempt.

While this war is also about Territory, Resources & wealth, the 500 side has realized that an open confrontation is not the best way in 21st century. Hence, the battle has been shifted at even more basic level. Identity, Identity & Identity.  If they manage to change our Identity then all the territory, resources and economy will simply become theirs.

Its just like a bigger company if it cant beat the rival in fight for market share they just acquire the rival and eat it up and its market share. This battle is exactly same. What you see is a war of acquisition of our identity.

Attack module and objective of 500 is simple:

  1. Identify fault lines among the Hindu/Indic/Sanatan/5000 side
  2. Create literature for dividing it further. (Foreign funded Scholars)
  3. Get approval and acknowledgement from masters in West & Middle East. So that even 5000 side accepts it as genuine. (Funding machines and Intelligentsia of the funding machine)
  4. Repeat the narrative. (Indian left liberal, communists, and average English speaking westernized Hindus)
  5. Make it mainstream. (Media –all forms, Education –Schools, Bollywood, OTT platform series etc)
  6. Make it impossible to reconcile for the fault line. (Pick up people from the fault line group and give them air time, recognition and transform them as representatives of the group and make it sound like the groups self-interest)
  7. Eat the portion which has come out of the 5000 side. Eventual goal  (Retail level Conversion groups )
  8. Keep repeating it until nothing is left of the Hindu identity.

Pakistan, Bangladesh – Mission accomplished. Kashmir, Kerala, huge chunk in North east (In the making). They don’t shy away from ethnic cleansing while we shy away even from saying the truth of it.

This attack from 500 side is not played out based on just what is happening today they play it very deep and at all levels.  I will share 2 examples which form the most basic building blocks for the 500 side.

Aryan Invasion Theory (AIT) & Shudra Atrocity Narrative (SAN)

500 side will fight tooth and nail to keep this alive and make every possible attempt so that 5000 side is not able to unearth truth and reconcile these 2 issues.

Aryan Invasion theory (AIT) serves 500 side perfectly. AIT does damage at multiple level, first it robs us of our identity. Second it creates a massive divide & hatred between North & South with the Aryan & Dravidian plot. Third it creates a narrative that India is not a continuous civilization and is just a result of immigration from all over. Hence we must keep our country open to future migrations like Rohingyas and we should be fine with these changing demographics and slow death of the Hindu identity. Last it takes away the pride from the society of being the ancient continuous vedic civilization.  

Second one on Shudra Atrocity Narrative (SAN) literature: There has been a narrative building from the 500 side that Shudras have been mistreated and everyone else mainly Brahmin has been doing atrocities over them since times immemorial. There is no real evidence for it in the 5000 era. If the atrocity was as high as is claimed by 500 side then I seek few answers here. If Atrocity was really so much then why did all Shudras not jump from Hinduism boat to Islam or Christianity boat? If the atrocity was that high why was there no revolutions/ civil wars like the ones which happened in western civilizations? If the atrocity was so high why do we have so many famous personalities like Satyakam Jabala to Chandragupta to Valmiki to Tukaram to Namdev to Ambedkar ji from Shudras reaching mainstream and becoming influencers of their times? If the economic situation of the Shudras was always that bad, then why did Shudras not make any attempt to change the profession and why transmit it to next generation? All literature developed by British or British funded scholars should be put to scrutiny as there was and there is a huge conflict of interest. The British did not translate our literature to uncover truth but with an intent to find fault line and build narratives, which shall aid their rule in India. Classic example is missing Shuktas about Shudras from Veda translations. Rad article on Pragyata.com to know more details.  

The other big argument pushed nowadays is Brahmin excluded others from gaining knowledge, which cannot be 100% correct. There must have been some truth to it but it was not the case all along. May be it was more in the 500 era, which is then blown out of proportion by the 500 side for its own advantage. Let me tell a small story, when Scottish missionary William Adam visited India in 1800 he toured Bihar & Bengal. In his report, he mentioned there are 1 lakh Pathshalas in the Bengal & Bihar alone. With a modest batch size of even 20 student per pathshala the kids getting educated was 20 Lakh, This was happening at a village level. These Pathshalas were set up by local community (could be any Varna), wealthy people (Vaishyas) or even the guru (Brahmins) himself. The mechanism of imparting education was very different and was as per that era. There was no fixed syllabus, no fixed course, no fixed timetable and no fixed fee. Fee was based on income of the parents and guru dakshina was the main mechanism, this ensured everyone was getting education. Guru made groups based on ability and level of kids. Flexible timetable was very well suited to villagers as kids would help their parents during harvest season and other seasonal economic activities. However when British started their schools their primary need was not to educate the people but to raise a generation which could serve them for administration. They implemented fixed fee and fixed timetables. Local Brahmins were roped in as teachers as well. Due to Fixed fee and Fixed timetable many poor people and peasants and farmers kids were not able to get education as they would drop out during harvest seasons. For obvious reasons British wont take the blame and they had a perfect person to pin the blame on “ The Brahmin”. I am not an apologist from anyone here but the history of The 500 era can’t be taken as Black or white.

Keeping both these issues, AIT & SAN, alive is the prime need of 500 side because it gives them huge advantage in terms of dividing India at multiple levels and scavenge on that. So I request all on 5000 side to rise and refute this at every level. Negating AIT & SAN will automatically kill the Aryan Dravidian divide, Shudra Non Shudra divide. However refuting this needs more effort from all varnas and demands huge research from our modern day intellectuals and then making it mainstream using education, media and entertainment industry.

While I am not going to discuss details of all tools and all possible actions we can do to ensure the positive movement of 5000 side in this article today, but I will definitely paint the bigger request more clearly.

I request the 5000 side to up their game at all levels.

Kshatriya must ensure we don’t lose anymore territory and should look for opportunity to expand and reclaim what was ours. As a modern day Shudra I ask the Kshatriya to give me back Lahore, Karachi & Gandhara so that I can remake it and chisel out my temples again.

I also request the modern day Brahmin to do extensive research and not just uncover truth and de-colonialize Hindu from British and the Indian Muslim from Arab/Turckic & Iranican colonial hangover but also develop lot of original and new thought on the bedrock of Dharma which addresses the modern day civilizational issues like sustainability, Environment, Inequality and others.

Humble request to Vaishya to build up world class companies, which can absorb the massive Indian workforce and also fund the modern day Kshatriya and Brahmin industry to prepare conducive and stable environment to excel economically.

Lastly, I request to my own, the modern day Shudras the massive 9 to 5 workforce to design & produce world class goods. Be it cars, Softwares, Satellites, Building, Electronics, Steel, innovate in every occupational field we take to become world leaders again.  To build up things that last and gain our pride back. Also, I request to not fall prey to this atrocity literature. We understand wrong must have happened at some point of time, but that was not the case always. Our best interest is in our own fold our own Sanatana Dharma. We naturally belong to the 5000 side the Sanatan side, that’s what we are. Today I am going to leave it here with the final thought “For the 500 side its just about expansion to the 5000 its about existence and survival.” and one request to all Varnas to up their game if they want to win this infinite war.

In next article, I will dig deeper on the tools used in this war and how we fare on those tools and try to develop a framework on how this battle can be fought better by the Hindu side. Meanwhile I request all to look at all next battles not from BJP and Congress angle but from a 5000 vs 500 prism.

Author firmly believes in movement of Jaatis and individuals across Varna Vyavastha and has decided to not use the word caste because Caste word is incapable of explaining the complexity of Varna vyavastha.

Author would also like to thank Rajiv Malhotra ji, J Sai Deepak ji & Ashish Dhar ji in shaping the views.

DISCLAIMER: The author is solely responsible for the views expressed in this article. The author carries the responsibility for citing and/or licensing of images utilized within the text.