A Muslim teacher in Mirzapur got furious with those children who came after applying sandalwood tika. He reprimanded the students for coming to the class with a tika. Called the priest and threatened him. The teacher also got the temple gate closed. For the first time in 50 years, the temple remained closed for 3 days.

On the fourth day, the principal asked the priest the reason for the closure of the temple. After this, the priest told the whole truth. The matter even reached the office bearers of Vishwa Hindu Parishad. On this, they started protesting. After conducting an inquiry, the Principal said that action will be taken against the accused teacher. The incident happened on 8 September.

There is Bapu Upraudh Inter College in Lalganj of the district. There is a Shiva temple on the premises of the college. Regular worship is held there. Pandit Ramji Mishra is the priest of this temple. The college management has given him the responsibility of the temple. The priest told that every morning after the worship, sandalwood is kept at the gate of the temple.

When the college opens, the boys and girls bow their heads in the temple. After this, they go to class after applying the sandalwood vaccine. This tradition has been going on for many years. On September 8, Principal Dr. Dharamjit Singh had gone out of court work. Teacher Mohammad Kasif was in charge of the college on this day.

According to the students, as usual, they had reached the class by applying sandalwood vaccine from the temple. During this, teacher Mohammad Kasif’s eyes fell on him. He started protesting against vaccination. The priest was also called on the spot. He started saying that “Keep the gate of the temple closed on the day I am in charge of the college. Open the gate only after 4 pm”. After the teacher’s threat, the priest closed the temple gate on the same day.

There was a holiday in the college for the next 3 days after the incident. According to the priest, this college has been there for more than 50 years. The college temple has never been closed to date. Even when he is on vacation, he has been regularly cleaning the temple and reaching for worship. After the teacher’s threat, he did not open the temple gate for 3 days. On Monday, 12th September, the Principal arrived when the college opened. Seeing the temple closed, the principal called the priest. After this, the priest told the whole truth. The priest also apprised the Vishwa Hindu Parishad about the incident.

On Wednesday, Vishwa Hindu Parishad officials and workers reached the temple. They were adamant on the demand for action against the teacher. Meanwhile, some media personnel also reached out. They wanted to know the side of the Muslim teacher. VHP workers told that the teacher misbehaved with them too.

VHP activists Block President Shivsagar Dubey, Jagannath Kesharwani, Manoj Keshari, etc. have demanded action in the matter. Principal Dr. Dharamjit Singh said that “I was not present that day. Action will be taken against the guilty teacher after getting the matter investigated”.

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