The MK Stalin led DMK government after a slew of anti-Hindu actions ranging from breaking ancient Hindu Temples, proposing a thinly disguised scheme to loot Hindu Temples’ jewellery has come up with another illegal proposal to take over an ancient Temple dedicated to Bhagwan Vishnu in Mylapore, Chennai.

According to local media reports, the MK Stalin government has on Friday, stated that it is taking over Sri Aadhi Kesava Perumal Temple in Mylapore from August 13, 2021 and appoint its own Thakkar (Chief Administrator). This move of the government is arbitrary and illegal and in contravention to the law and decisions laid down by the Supreme Court with regard to denominational Temples.

NC Sridhar, the trustee of the temple for several years who has been organising the Temple Utsavams every year protested against the illegal and arbitrary act by calling the decision highly arbitrary and unjustified and said he would challenge it in the Court.

Temple Worshippers Society’s President, TR Ramesh a very renowned activist who has been relentlessly challenging the wrong doings of the Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowments (HR&CE) Department controlling over 38,400 Hindu Temples in Tamil Nadu, reportedly said that he would work with Sridhar and prevent this hostile take over.

TR Ramesh mentioned that the Adhi Kesava Perumal Temple has been declared as a denominational Temple by the Madras High Court in 1954. So applying the rules and regulations for a denominational temple the HR & CE has no right to take over the temple in a hostile and arbitrary manner.

TR Ramesh said, “This ancient temple which is also the avathara sthalam (place of Avatar) of Vaishnavite saint poet Pey Azhvaar belongs to Thenkalai Vaishnava Sampradaya coming under a scheme of administration framed by the Madras High Court which had earlier refused the plea of the HRCE to take over the temple saying it is a denomination temple. Therefore there can be no question of a state takeover of this temple.”

He further stated, “Even if any mismanagement has been alleged, and trustees are sought to be replaced, the HR & CE has to give a show-cause notice for the current management to explain their side. And even in that case, the management can be replaced only with Thenkalai Vaishnava sampradaya and not by a secular government official.”

TR Ramesh reiterated that he would file a PIL ‘to stop the despicable practice HR&CE in appointing its servants as a fit person’.

News input: Mylapore Times.

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