The DMK regime under MK Stalin has followed assiduously anti-Hindu administrative policy ever since it came to power in May this year. The moves are not only anti-Hindu, they are decisively moving towards entirely Christianising Tamil Nadu.

Stalin government earlier appointed Pastor Mariasusai, a rabid evangelist and Maoist Stan Swamy supporter as the member of the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission. This Pastor can be seen in a video brazenly saying that he had earlier introduced lessons on Christianity in textbooks from Class 1 to 12 when he was a member of the textbook board.

Now Chennai netizens have reported that the Greater Chennai Corporation garbage collection trucks have changed their logo to show a Christian Cross. Chennai netizens expressed their outrage against rapid developments in Tamil Nadu brazenly Christianising all arms of government including academics.

The garbage collection trucks with new Christianised logos have raised the ire of Chennai residents. The truck with new Christian Cross like logo was reportedly spotted in Kilpauk area of Chennai by local residents on August 8th. The logo has a Cross mounted on a plinth with a flag atop it. It almost symbolises the rule of Christianity in Tamil Nadu.

Netizens are naturally outraged with DMK’s consistent anti-Hindu policy that has spawned every organ of the state to come up with more and more anti-Hindu Christianising administrative actions by officials trying to curry favour from the Stalin government.

DMK Govt Breaks Temples, Tries To Loot Ancient Hindu Temples’ Jewellery & Allows Vandalism Of Temples

The DMK government earlier on July 13th aided the demolition of seven ancient temples in Coimbatore under the garb of clearing illegal structures. The wily government has also come up with crafty scheme which is a sure shot recipe to loot Hindu Temples jewellery under a dubious proposal to melt all gold, separate the precious stones, and deposit them in banks.

The Hindu hating criminals have desecrated several ancient Temples in Tamil Nadu soon after the DMK assumed power. Moortis have been broken, the female deities’ Saris have been removed, burnt and semen has been splashed on Moortis of deities.

Govt Christian Doctor Wears Sandals Inside Temple In Vellore

A government Christian doctor in Vellore recently insisted on wearing sandals inside a Temple during a Corona vaccination camp drive held in Temple premises. When the Hindu Munnani activists and other local residents protested she tried to brazen it out by saying, there is no board asking for removal of footwear within the Temple.

She later tried to claim through anti-Hindu media, that she wore sandals inside the Temple as protection from spread of Corona virus. Her statements reminded one of hatemonger Pastor George Ponnaiah who called Bharat Mata filthy.

DMK Minister’s Christian Daughter-In-Law Wants Permission From Pope To Arrest Nuns & Pastors

A DMK minister’s Christian daughter-in-law, Mercy Senthil Kumar, in a speech commemorating death of Maoist Pastor Stan Swamy said, a law should be made where permission from Vatican Pope should be mandatorily sought before filing any criminal case against Christian Nuns and Pastors.

Tamil Archanai & Removal Of Hereditary Priests From Temples

The DMK government also imposed Tamil Archanai in ancient Hindu Temples instead of the traditional Sanskrit mantras. The Stalin government interferes in Hindu rituals and traditions in Temples, while not even daring to do the same in Mosques and Churches.

How about imposing Tamil Aazan and Namaz in Mosques instead of Arabic? The DMK wants to remove ancestral hereditary priests from Temples and put DMK sanctified half-baked Hnidu-hating priests in ancient temples.

How about allowing entry to Muslim women in all Mosques in Tamil Nadu first? Or having women Maulanas and Imams for Mosques, before trying to break Hindu temple traditions under the garb of ‘social reform’?

The latest Cross symbols on the Corporation garbage collection trucks is just another manifestation of Christianising Tamil Nadu under Stalin regime.

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