Modi must go!

Now or in 2024?

Right Now. ASAP.


He is giving pride to (fragmented, written off) Hindus.

He is brining unity in (self- centered, selfish, individualistic) Hindus.

He is resurrecting Hindu heritage.

He is making Hindus of India to live at par and not as second class to (pampered) minorities in that country.

He is plugging all channels of corruption.

He is for Indians, irrespective of religion or region.

He is making India to live on equal terms with the unchallenged economic powers of the world.

He is reigniting love of Hindu Expats for their mother nation

What the hell,

He is making conversion of (poor at home and rich migrated abroad) Hindus so difficult.

What will happen to conversion machine of the world?

What will happen to the plan of world-wide Caliphate?

It is the Dharma of the Conversion Machine and Caliphate to oppose him, tooth, and nail.

Media is the cheapest to employ to do it for you.

They will scream for you:

“Modi Govt in Denial & India is back to being a flailing State.” (Forgetting that in the process they are unintendedly admitting that India has been in top solid State under Modi)

“Modi’s net approval rating came down by 20% since late January 2021.”

 (Forgetting that in the process they are unintendedly displaying that he had and still has the highest net approval rating among the world leaders, while quite a few have net negative, that is below zero).

Good thing is there are a number of Hindus themselves who are opposing him and want him to go.

Those Hindus are Secular, liberal, progressive, modern, scientific.

Who says that, Media!

Ok, then Modi Must Go On!

As simple as:

Media goes to a farmer in India and asks, what is your view on new farm Act?

Farmer says, I am not so educated. But What is Congress, AAP saying?

Media replied they are all opposing.

Farmer said, then it should be good.

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