Movie 83.. it has been produced by Mr Kabir Khan..

Honestly Honestly it is a good movie and a real honest effort has gone into pushing the Pakistani/ Islamic love propaganda…

  1. Pakistanis are firing artillery shells whenever there is a match of India in the world cup and Indian soldiers are hiding in trenches like cowards without firing a shell on Paki post… strange.. (If they show Indian soldiers firing on Paki posts then it would hurt their feelings and propaganda…)
  2. Character of Imran Khan has been given a special shout out in the Movie as Paki team captain.
  3. On the final match day of India as a good gesture Paki Army Major decides that Paki army would not fire artillery shells on Indian posts and Indian soldiers are happy about it (As if they can’t fire on Paki position.. a big Pshy War)
  4. Communal riots has been shown to be taking place in Nawabpur… and guess what? a poor peaceful family is shown as a docile and helpless family who are afraid. At first I wanted to know why showing communal riots in a cricket oriented movie and that too with peacefuls being poor, afraid and Indian flag loving people???? Again strange…
  5. And in the end when India wins the world cup.. A masjid is shown in back ground of patriotism….. what why???

So bollywood have once again produced a propaganda movie and has hidden the Paki / Islamic love under the thick sheet of cricket and patriotism…
well done bollywood.

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