• Jews Holocaust: 6 Million died
  • Hindu Holocaust: 90 Million Tortured & butchered.

This post is an effort to tell the Real History of Hindus of Bharat (India) during Mughal Invasion which was whitewashed for a century.

Genocide suffered by the INDIAN HINDUS by Arab, Turkish, Mughal and Afghan forces for 800 years is yet to be recognized by the World.

Here are few famous Historians comments on Hindu Holocaust by Mughals.

Mughal Invasion : Conquest, Destruction of Hindu property, 1,00,000s of Hindus killed, 1,00,00s of Hindus taken as slaves, Temples plundered of its wealth, Forced Conversions Rapes, Gleeful butchering of Children.

Wassaf, Persia Views about : Alaul-Din Khilji.

Most INHUMANE BARBARIC atrocities of Mughals on Hindus.

The heart of Banda Singh’s son was put in his mouth in an attempt to humiliate him….Yes, a Child’s heart was thrust in father’s mouth as punishment…Let that Sink in…

⚠️ Warning : Graphic depressing pics that happened in Reality during Hindu Holocaust by Mughals.

⚠️ Warning : Graphic Pics that happened in Reality during Mughal Rule of Hindus in Bharat (India). This was followed by British Colonization, Indian Partition, Terrorist attacks, Ethnic Cleansings, Religious Iconoclasms… DOES THE WORLD KNOW ABT HINDU HOLOCAUST…?

  • Jews Holocaust: 6 Million died
  • Hindu Holocaust: 80 MILLION Tortured Butchered.

?️India needs to have

  • Hindu Holocaust syllabus
  • Hindu Holocaust Museums
  • Atrocities on Hindus Prevention Act
  • Hindu Emergency Helpline

Why Hindu Women committed Jauhar (Self Imolation)

It was widely prevalent that Mughals raped even dead bodies of Hindu Women as long as it wasn’t rotting or wasn’t stiff. This is the reason Hindu women preferred to fall in fire and become ash rather than be used as Sex slaves.

?️Hindu Lives under Mughal Rule

Massacre, Hindu Genocide Continues

  • 1971-Hindu Genocide in Bangladesh *30 million Hindus displaced. *3,000,000 Hin9dus massacred
  • 1947-Partition of India *14 million Hindus displaced. *2,000,000 Hindus massacred
  • 1950-Riots Of East Bengal *4.5 million Hindus displaced. *500,000 Hindus massacred…
  • 1857-First uprising against colonial empire *680,000 Hindus massacred.

THE FORGOTTEN HINDU HOLOCAUST OF CALCUTTA: DIRECT ACTION DAY, 16TH AUGUST 1946 One of the most tragic event in Indian history when mass slaughter of Hindus occurred on streets of Calcutta. The worst communal riots of 20th century were also called “Great Calcutta Killings.” Muslim men came from Calcutta in Trucks armed with Swords, stones, knives, petrol bomb etc as weapons.

  • Riots continued for one week.
  • >10,000 people died
  • >1,00,000 became homeless
  • >15,000 Seriously injured.

Vultures fed on thousands of dead bodies scattered on the ground.

The above number in millions of Hindus massacred does not include :

Kashmiri pandits genocide

I still have too much data, but I realized there are tears in my eyes and am feeling sick to my stomach just collating this…impossible to imagine the Holocaust and torture faced by our ancestors…and its STILL CONTINUING…!!!

  • Source : Sikhnet, Haribhakt.com Online.
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