The fierce form, which shook the entire BJP?
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The talk is of October 2005, there is a UP mafia named Mukhtar Ansari, who organized a communal riot in Mau, waving arms in an open jeep. The orgy of death continued for three days in Mau, at that time Uttar Pradesh CM was Mulayam Singh Yadav.

District court on May 20, 2006, fixed charges against notorious criminal MLA Mukhtar Ansari.

When it was the third day of the riots, the administration and CM of UP were not doing anything on this riot, they remained silent spectators.

Then Yogi ji sitting in Gorakhpur, 64 KM away from Mau, did not suffer this riot and then He directly challenged all the big leaders of BJP; Atal ji, Advani ji, Murli Manohar ji, and Rajnath Singh ji that if all the BJP workers did not go Mau with me, then I will leave the BJP.

Yoji ji said that I will stop the riot of Mau on my own strength too, but if the BJP party is silent on seeing such killings and if they didn’t help Hindus openly then I will not be dismayed and will leave BJP.

All the leaders of BJP were sweated by this step of Yogi ji, but the BJP leaders could not muster the courage to stop the riots, because they didn’t want to take the law into their own hands.

The reason was only CM Mulayam Because all the leaders of this BJP knew that when this soft bullet can be fired on the karsevaks in Ayodhya who had come from all over the country, then Mulayam fired on the unarmed karsevaks to please the Muzlims.

Then it is to stop a riot in a small town where the rioter is also a notorious criminal, and a Muzlim.
It is difficult to saved from these two and many BJP workers will be killed in this incident, thinking that this will not be right, the BJP leadership rejected Yogi ji’s request and said that the law for Mau riots Let them do their work.

The BJP leadership felt that Yogi could not go to Mau without the BJP workers and the matter would calm down.

Mukhtar Ansari wanted to kill Yogi ji in the past, also tried to attack Yogi ji many times, so going to Yogi ji would be a suicidal step.

But Yogi ji was also no less stubborn, even after refusing the BJP high command, He took only 3 cars from his ashram to take on Mukhtar Ansari in Mau and stop the riots.

What was it then ? As soon as the people of Gorakhpur and the people between Gorakhpur and Mau came to know that Yogi Ji is going to stop the riot of Mau, then the locals were started joining Yogi ji’s convoy because everyone knew, if Yogi ji went alone, then Mukhtar would know and Will get him killed.

On reaching Mau, Yogi ji’s convoy consisted of 140 to 160 Cars, and as the entire car was passing ahead, when he entered Mau, a petrol bomb was hurled on his last 8 cars which only hit 2 cars. When all the people started getting off the car, those petrol bomb throwers started feeling fear of death and they all ran away.

Mulayam Singh Yadav ordered the administration-police that if Yogi reached Mau, he should be arrested, but they failed to arrest Yogi ji as he was there not alone.

Yogi ji reached Mau with full of strength and managed to stop the riot of Mau. Mukhtar Ansari gang hides into the house.

After the riot ended, Yogi Ji resigned from BJP, but BJP was not taking his approval.

That time Rajnath Singh ji used to constantly call yogi ji and said I’m coming in Gorakhpur I’ll talk to you, Atal ji was very upset with you that Purvanchal has only one leader if he leaves BJP, then what will happen of Purvanchal.
Then Advani ji reached Gorakhpur, lastly after two days he managed to convinced yogi ji, now it was a big celebration that Yogi ji would not leave BJP.

Now think the rioters that even when the Yogi ji were not minister/CM can still drive away rioters and mafias, leave BJP for Hindutva.
Then think of it as the CM of the state. What can he do to Mafias and rioters?

Know one thing that it is Yogi ji, no Modi ji. Some of the 900 people have been sent to jail and some have delivered to hoors, some have fled to other states.

Yogi ji is fully engaged in the task of cleaning criminals completely, they are the corrupt people sitting in the party, law, police and administration, the anti-media, the workers of Toti Chor Party aka Bahujan Samaj Party, the slaves of the Gandhi family and the criminals in the night Continued, otherwise Uttar Pradesh would have been truly established as a Ram Rajya.


After Modi ji, if citizens like any BJP leader and those who are their idol, it is one and only none other than Baba Yogi Adityanath ji.


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