Before the 2016 Bengal general elections, the glorification and designation-upliftment of Abhishek Banerjee, the nephew of CM Mamata Banerjee, drove many senior leader of TMC upon on a contradiction with Mamata Banerjee herself. Mukul Roy was one of them.

He faced many issues with the TMC leadership from early 2015. The SARADA NARADA scams were also weighty and emerged throughout the Bengal and TMC politics. The investigation of both cases were also handed to the CBI. Somehow, he felt that the party will sacrifice him as he had heavy contradictions with the party and the investigation also taking momentum. He thought to join BJP, had some connections with the BJP too, and he was in good touch with veterans like Arun Jaitely. Jaitely managed the way for Mukul to switch BJP, even dissolved the all contrary elements between Rahul Sinha; the former chief of Bengal BJP.

With the support and a patron like Jaitley, Mukul got a safe shield from the TMC party and other agencies who took arm against him. He joined BJP in 2017,when Kailash Vijayvargiya came here as the BJP observer. The party was disunited, Mukul favoured to tie the party with his own hands, compared to giving free hand to RSS and Chief Dilip Ghosh, over the organization. Kailash V started to see the Bengal BJP in the eyes of Mukul Roy. Panchayat election came, Mukul Roy did some fielding, activated his old cell, the efforts might have been greater, although it didn’t happen.

Preparation of LS 2019 had started, the loyalist leaders of Roy were switching to BJP from TMC. Media showed many big names like the present BJYM Bengal President Saumitra Khan, MP Shantanu Thakur, Anupam Hazra, Sabyasachi Dutta who were being sidelined by TMC were joining BJP only and only because of Mukul Roy. Most of them had performed good in the election and managed to secure a place in Loksabha. People and supporters were going to credit Mukul Roy for a massive counter-stroke against the TMC but the fact was rather far from the media hype and it is misleading that Mukul Roy is the architect of 18 seats. Albeit these numbers are obvious success for the Bengal BJP.

After the 2019 LS poll result central leadership and the organizational central leaders like ShivPrakash, A Menon and of course Kailash V who were in good touch with Roy, were heavily contented by Mukul Roy’s performance and organizational extensions. Central committee even believed in him blindly, constructing candidate list for 2021 poll election upon the basis of reports and survey depicted by Roy. Many candidates are the loyalist of Roy himself.

After the BJP released candidate list for second third phase, the agitation from the ground workers regarding the blunt and blurred selection of candidates somehow alarmed the central leadership of BJP and political savvies that some unwholesome consequences will happen in the result. As we have seen in the result that BJP failed to cross double digits, so it is not a lame assertion, that someone backstabbed the Bengal BJP in 2021 general election and sabotaged it’s organization for past 4 years. Mukul Roy did his job, except him any of his loyalists were not able to win this election.

Today with the re-joining of him to his old party remarks his successful mission to make the path of BJPs Bengal winning into a fierce war from a cakewalk.

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