On 5th of May, Muslims went up to burn a church after they were disturbed from the prayers of Christians in Southern Uganda. At around 4am, structure of Holy Healing Ministry International Church in the city of Jinja’s Mpumudde ward was set on fire. Most of the Christians holding an all-night prayer vigil had left before the church was set ablaze but unfortunately two Christians had to give their life in the incident.

Because of the fire, the structure of the church got weakened and crumpled. Two elderly members got trapped inside, and the fire burned them beyond recognition. It is predicted that the incident took place because the muslim community got disturbed from the prayers Christians offered there in the church. Hardline area Muslims earlier accused the Christians of being too loud in their worship services and prayer meetings had told them many times to remove the church building. One of the two church members who died was identified as Jonathan Kalyecheru, 70. The identity of the second victim was unclear.

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