Most of the narratives about PM Narendra Modi’s rise has been about his role as tea maker in RSS office & as event organizer. But one particular aspect which many tend to overlook, is his creative contributions to RSS/BJP as a “Voice Artist” for the party’s media management team.

Thanks to his deep voice and oratory skills right from his younger days, Modiji was handpicked by the top brass of BJP for various voice recordings which could in turn be used as election campaign material to reach out to masses.

?In fact, during elections, Modiji used to spend hours & days at recording studios to produce tons of audio tapes in multiple Bharatiya languages, sometimes filled with emotionally strong messages which struck a chord with the masses helping the party garner support during the early 80s.

?Apart from such voice recordings, Modiji was one of the top media managers who played the role of spokesperson throughout the 1980s & 90s.

?Even today, one can search for all those old video clips in YouTube containing Modiji’s quick and witty responses to media channels on behalf of the party, as spokesperson.

?In fact, Modi was actually the most sought after person by media back then, since he was always calm and composed in his responses which is a sign of a self-made balanced mind, and he had built a great rapport with most journalists.

?However, after 2002 Gujarat riots, as the mainstream media transformed themselves into vultures and started targeting Modiji unnecessarily, he gradually distanced himself from all of them, and thus Modiji’s journey of voice recording and studio interactions had almost come to an end.

?Finally, it was the election victory of 2014 that motivated him to take up his voice recording activity again, which took the shape of “Mann Ki Baat”.

?A monthly radio programme that has become a global chartbuster and has been winning the hearts of hundreds of crores of Bharatiyas , who get mesmerised and inspired by his voice recordings & discourses on various issues of national importance.

?This is a rare interview in which consistency in clarity of thoughts and expressions is clearly visible?

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