Yesterday, Times Now claimed to have accessed inputs on threat perception to the life of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Formerly, being the Chief Minister of Gujarat too, he was on the hit-list of terror organizations but none of the conspiracies to harm him would ever progress much. Now as the Prime Minister of India, he faces increased probability of being on target of more intensified conspiracies. Good thing is that he never compromises on his security front, which is a must for his safety. So, now that a threat was intercepted, does his birth chart indicate any chance of conspirators succeeding in their attempts to harm him? Does his chart indicate any danger to his life from assassination plans at present? Let us see what has his birth chart got to say in this regard.

The Moon Sign of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is Scorpio, and his Birth Nakshatra is Anuradha, ruled by Saturn. The author herein believes him to be of Libra Ascendant native and as such, at present, the transit of Saturn in Capricorn poses a very difficult time for his enemies to execute their plans against him. The aspect of Mercury indicates that it will be very difficult for the conspirators to maintain secrecy of their plans, and exalted Mercury in the transit chart helps Modi to remain extra-cautious of hidden enemies. Transit of Mercury over Natal Ketu does give him an unfavourable time but in the absence of other malefic transits, this can at most give him hard time politically amidst COVID pandemic, and according to the author, no harm to either health or life is seen. Retrograde Mars would not harm him much.

The transit of Rahu in Mrigshira and Ketu in Mool Nakshatra activates Chitra Nakshatra which is Jati Nakshatra for Narendra Modi and poses threat to his family, but for now, absence of other effective malefic transits has kept things under control for him. However, after Ketu’s transit to Jyeshtha Nakshatra on 19 September 2020, he should keep an constant eye on dispute with China. On his birthday this year, Mercury will also transit into Chitra Nakshatra and will subsequently turn Retrograde in Swati. So, Mercury’s stay in three Nakshatras viz. Chitra, Swati and Vishakha will be prolonged accompanied by Sun and Venus. A good thing is that Mercury does not act as malefic during this transit and will have lesser severe effects. Venus, a benefic for Prime Minister, also happens to be his present Antardasha Lord. Venus will enter Chitra on 11 ovember, and will exit Vishakha on 13 December 2020, after which, transit in his malefic Nakshatras would cease for time being.

So, while at present, the author does not see any harm to Prime Minister’s life from any assassination attempt, he should definitely take care of himself till 13th December 2020, in overall aspects. But given the measures of security undertaken by him, chances of any assassination attempt on him are quite less but transit in Abhishek Nakshatra of a native does bring tough time for the administrators. His conspirators and political opponents can have somewhat upper hand for a brief period time in attempts to unsettle environment in India, but given the powerful natal chart of Narendra Modi, it will not take him long to overcome them. However, Mercury, Sun and Venus in Chitra Nakshatra give him advantage of boldness in taking decisions by the way of putting his Birth Letter “Na” under aspect. In fact, Moon and Venus as his primary Dasha Lords can make him (i.e. his govt.) take crucial decisions on 14-16 November 2020.

So, while it can be easily concluded that Prime Minister would face a brief tough time, chances of any assassination attempts on him are negligible due to blessings of Saturn. At least his birth chart says so. Vande Mataram.

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