National Commission for Protection of Child Rights Chief Priyank Kanoongo has slammed the Jharkhand government for cooperation in the death case related to the two minor Hindu girls of Dumka. The NCPCR director stated that he’s facing difficulties contacting and visiting the victims’ relatives on Twitter.

In a series of tweets, Kanoongo stated, “I have come to Dumka to investigate two cases, had informed the Jharkhand government earlier that the family of a Scheduled Tribe girl who was raped and hanged from a tree, will be visited by a team of @NCPCR_ on which the local The collector had also given consent.”

He added, “and after deciding the program to go to the victim’s house, the administration had confirmed us. But after coming to their village, the parents could not be found at home, the neighbors told us that before we came, someone had taken the parents in a jeep. This attitude of the government is very uncooperative and obstructing the investigation.”

Priyank Kanoongo had appointments with the relatives of a 15-year-old girl whom one Shahrukh set ablaze while she slept at her house and a 14-year-old Dalit girl who was first raped before being killed. A delegation from NCPCR, led by the chief, was slated to tour the Dumka district on September 4 and 5, in accordance with letters submitted to the Dumka District Administration and the Jharkhand government.

Two different letters were used to communicate the visit’s whole itinerary. The letters dated 31 August and 4th September respectively mentioned the visit of Shri Priyank Kanoongo to take stock of the status of the death case of minor girls who died days after being set on fire by her alleged stalker in Jaruauadih, Dumka, and the other who raped and murdered by Islamists. NCPCR chief convened a meeting with DC, SP, Investigating Officer of the case, and Doctors who conducted the autopsy of the minor victim girl, besides meeting with the family members of the deceased minor girl.

The two horrific murders that occurred in Dumka recently have horrified the entire country. Arman Ansari raped a 14-year-old tribal girl before hanging her from a tree. Late last month, Shahrukh Hussain and his companion burned a teenage girl alive while she slept in her house as punishment for rejecting their advances.

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