Irony of a War: Humanity is massacred in War. War is fought to protect Humanity.  No one could decipher the mystery of these two conflicting sentences. Crusade is recorded history of religious war fought in the name of religion to protect the humanity between Christian West and Islamic Middle East between 1000 AD in 1200 AD.

World is mystery. Ideologues to philosopher wrote reams of paper to decipher this mystery and ended up compounding the same. Religion, religious sect, religious philosophy and its interpretation has created more bigotry than brotherhood. The world is before you. Except for few island of peace on planet earth, entire world appears to be on war in the name of religion.

On the contrary, there was a famous quote of Karl Marx, Religion is opium of mankind.  And history proved him to have proposed the stupidest idea on the planet earth. You shun the religion and become atheist. Finally this philosophy ended up producing series of humanity hater like Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Polpot who slaughtered more people than ever religious war/ Crusade could achieve. It took few decades and nearly billion death to finally convince communist follower to shun this stupid ideology.

Whom to trust? Theist or Atheist. Religion or Polity

The recent spate of hate that had erupted in France between Christian and Muslim society has spread across the continent, countries and different geography. Shimmering anger on one side and violent demonstration on the other side seems to have outlined the road map. The political leader and religious leader who till date fuelled the discontent, hatred and identity are now abdicating their duty. No one will listen any one. How will it unravel?

Initially Innocent, defenseless and weak will be killed selectively. Pictures of gory death and violence will be relayed through real time media repeatedly. Historical stories of martyr and bravery will be recalled. Religious sanction will be invoked from the philosophical discourse. Arms and military will take over the command. Political leader will decide the strategy. Individual will fight and get killed. After orgy of violence, blood and death, Statesman will emerge and defeated humanity will arrive at agreement to live with disagreement!!! What an irony.

Yet Protect my pride, my identity and my ideology will stay.

Would the sane voice be ever heard? No and never. Look back the history, Socrates was poisoned by Greeks and Galileo was put on fire by Catholic Church for having given the sane voice. The library of Alexandaria in 3rd century by Christian Missionary John Chrysostom, Taxlila in 6th Century by Unknown Huns and Nalanda Vikrashmla in 12th century by Islamic fanatic Bakhtiyar Khilzi were burnt to ashes.

World witnessed ugliest of Crusade a religious war in medieval between Islamic and Christian tradition. New boundary were drawn. Kingdom emerged and declined. Billions of people were massacred between 1000 AD and 1200 AD. From Middle East to deep into Caspian Sea, there were no family who had not lost his son or not lost his wealth and not relocated in those days.

Yet stupidity has no end.  Nothing has changed. If not checked then, you can see the history will be repeated. Islamic Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Malaysia and Bangladesh who are face of one side against the Christian France and its allies on the other side would forget the lessons of history. The war will be bloodier and uglier than before. The untested arsenal of nuclear, chemical and biological war fare will be put to use to contain the damage and result would be absolute annihilation. Not less than two billion population who will be directly engaged. More death and destruction will happen among non-combat poor nation. Those till date were breeding like rabbit and living on the doles of an established political order will die of hunger, starvation and thirst. All we know, the miseries when it comes, it comes together not alone. Who knows one famine or one attack of Locust or one unknown wave of covid like virus may desiccate rest of resource of mankind.

The great poet Ramdhari Singh Dinkar in Rasmirathi writes, The Lord Krishna explaining the horror of a war.

दुर्योधन! रण ऐसा होगा। 

फिर कभी नहीं जैसा होगा।

भाई पर भाई टूटेंगे

विषबाण बूँदसे छूटेंगे

वायसश्रृगाल सुख लूटेंगे

सौभाग्य मनुज के फूटेंगे। 

आखिर तू भूशायी होगा

हिंसा का पर, दायी होगा।‘ 

War brings happiness only to Vultures and Jackals. Never to Human beings.

The sane voice of Lord Krishna was not heard then and would not be heard again by hapless masses. There end will be disastrous. Until the belief system of the land and political leadership of the geography not speak the voice of peace and perpetuity (Sanatan), the cycle of construction and destruction will continue.

World should read and take lesson from Bhagwat Gita, where narrative explains and distinguish between one`s Good and Bad Karma. Submit yourself to Knowledge. Search for the sane voice and listen to the serene voice of Sanatan. Sanatan means perpetual.

Else the Irony and riddles of life would continue. First Inhumanity in the human will arise. Subsequently to protect its human value, inhumanity will kill humanity.  And the cycle will continue until the voice of Lord Krishna is heard.

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