• Positives –
  1. Pro-immigration policy theme means a lot of Student and Work visas.
  2. Trade barriers and Taxes on exports to US would reduce.
  3. Western allies will be back to strength at least on the diplomatic and financial front.
  4. Paris Climate deal will come back to life.
  5. US may join back WHO.
  6. Iran Nuclear deal could be revived again.
  • Negatives –
  1. US’s Pakistan policy would clock back to early Obama era. That means more blank cheques and diplomatic favors to Pakistan.
  2. US support on Kashmir will come down to mere lip service. India’s POK claims will dilute and any attempt for POK, diplomatic or military will not get adequate response from US and hence will be delayed.
  3. Economic blockade of the Chinese communist party will be cancelled out.
  4. QUAD alliance will become weaker and diluted to mere photo-ops.
  5. Fight against Terrorism and radical immigrants will dilute again. Crowds of refugees will drive in to US.
  6. The World will be back to Crude oil dependence of the Gulf as US dilutes fracking, crude oil and gas production.
  7. US will come back to diplomatic and military interference in all countries’ internal affairs.
  8. The Chinese communist party might get a chance to military take over Taiwan. Australia, Japan and India will see more and more Chinese belligerent behavior.
  9. Saudi Arabia, Israel and UAE regimes will be under stress from Iran-Turkey. All the middle-east peace deals will be up to these nations themselves. These deals might lose momentum as well as might get cancelled out.
  10. Kamala Harris and US institutions will drive the policy decisions. She might take over later as President too.

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