In Agra district of Uttar Pradesh, two Muslim youths have been accused of vandalizing the Balaji temple and beating up the priest present there. The names of the accused are Nizam and Gulfam. Both are accused of doing such act after they were asked not to drink alcohol near the temple. Police have registered a case and started searching for the accused. The incident is happened in the night of 11th of September.

The incident is from Tota Khai area of ​​Khandauli police station area. The complaint in the police has been given by the victim named Ravi Kumar. He has told that he is the chairman of Shri Balaji Mandir Trust. According to Ravi Kumar, on the day of the incident, Nizam and Gulfam came to the temple and started drinking alcohol, which was opposed by Umesh kumar.

The complaint further states that the Nizam and Gulfam were enraged by the priest’s protest and they abused the priest and hit him badly. According to Ravi Kumar, after assaulting the priest, both the accused also damaged the temple and fled from there, threatening to kill the priest if he raised an alarm. In the complaint, the victim has expressed hope of strict action from the police.

Taking cognizance of this complaint, the police have registered a case against Nizam and Gulfam under sections 323, 504, 506 and 295 of IPC. OpIndia spoke to the complainant Ravi Kumar in this matter. He told that when both the accused were caught by the police, they started apologizing in the police station. Ravi said that he also did not want to give much importance to the matter, because there is equal population of Hindus and Muslims in that street and a mosque is also existing at a distance.

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