Anyone who opposed Lenin was executed.  It is estimated by most conservative estimates that Communist under Lenin killed over 5.5 Million Russians that included Children, Old, infirm and women. Why did Lenin slaughtered so many?

The empire of Romonov that ruled Russia for 304 Years and its last King Nicholas II was executed on July 17-18, 1918 along with his wife Alexandra, their five children, and their four companions. It was one of the most horrific and brutal executions ordered by Communist under Lenin. The killing machine has just been institutionalized now.

The USSR under Lenin was an isolated, insulated and self obsessed society. The fascism, tyranny and State sponsored killing were aimed at controlling the Soviet mind set. They were tutored to forget their history, culture and achievement. They were trained to hate their ancestor and lineage. Appalling from any standard of humane value, but it was How Lenin orchestrated his totalitarian Communism. It is no surprise, rest of the world wherever this ideology spread, it carried the same hate value.

Why did the World not come forward to rescue Soviet citizens from war crimes committed under Lenin? Why did the League of Nations not raise this pressing issue when other less important issues were debated?

It all happened because Lenin was a dictator who killed more country men than ever. It is inconceivables that a Leader of the masses can be so hateful and vengeful to its own citizens. Incidentally the killing machine of Lenin was later on surpassed by his deputy Stalin only.

Red Fascism a connotation as horrible as Hitler`s Fascisms, was coined for Lenin. Lenin moved to purge and eliminate every rich farmer, capitalist, nobel and their associates in the Soviet. And it was unheard before in History. And it was done through state order and state institutionalized machinery. In order to ensure communist ideology is spread to the grass root of society, he ordered the killing of any surviving Soviet, who were valued earlier. He controlled academia, all the universities and scholars.

It is said that Lenin cruelty had its origin in his family history. While Lenin was 17 years old, one of the elder brothers was sentenced to death for trying to assassinate the Czar. The event turned Lenin into a hardened criminal and vengeful.

It is well known in Public domain that Lenin and his family have had some mental disorder. Many of his wired decisions could have arisen out of his inability to conclude things coherently. He had detractors. They had attempted on Lenin also. But he narrowly survived 1918 assassination attempt. He suffered a stroke in 1921 and was ill for the remaining period till 1924. It was during his infirmity, he turned out to be more suspicious and ghastly brutal.

Lenin wanted to get rid of Stalin as well. He wanted to eliminate him for his rising status and influence in the Party during these remaining days. But for the good luck of Stalin, he was saved from Lenin.

Finally Lenin died in 1924 leaving behind a heap of innocent dead masses. Generation thereafter whitewashed the crime of Lenin. Academicians and writers were hired and paid to write eulogy for Lenin. The propaganda machine of Communist was far more reaching and effective then the Nazi Hitler.

World forgot about the heinous act of Lenin Soon. Somehow Lenin was saved from disgrace of Public trail, a trial of war crime, yet the documents and evidence of his heinous crime to humanity has not been erased. Justice is still awaited.

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