Controversy has started in the party just three days after the decisions of the Chintan Shivir in Udaipur to make the Congress stand anew. In the Vagad where Congress leaders from Rahul Gandhi contemplated, the internal quarrel between Congress leaders has now come to the fore before the Rajya Sabha elections. Congress MLAs and leaders of tribal dominated districts have started expressing their displeasure openly. Controversy is also taking place in the area where Chintan Shivir took place and Rahul Gandhi’s meeting took place.

The real root of the feud lies in the domination of tribal versus non-tribal. Tribal MLAs are now angry with the supremacy of non-tribal leaders. Congress MLAs Ganesh Ghoghra and Ramlal Meena have come out in open protest on this issue. This fight for supremacy is being cited as the reason behind Ganesh Ghoghara’s resignation out of anger. According to political experts, there is also a fight in the Congress over the appointment of a Rajya Sabha candidate from the tribal area. Tribal leaders of Congress are contending for the Rajya Sabha.

BJP still has two Rajya Sabha MPs, while Congress none – 

Congress is considered to be the traditional vote bank of tribal Congress. Congress has not sent any tribal to Rajya Sabha from Dungarpur, Banswara, Pratapgarh and Udaipur districts in the last 36 years. In the year 1980, Dhuleshwar Meena of Kherwara was made a Rajya Sabha MP by the Congress. Since then till now no tribal leader from the tribal belt has become a Rajya Sabha MP from the Congress. In contrast, the BJP currently has two Rajya Sabha MPs from the Vagad region. Former minister and tribal leader Kanakamal Katara is a Rajya Sabha MP from BJP. At the same time, Harshvardhan Singh, a member of the former royal family of Dungarpur, is also a Rajya Sabha MP of BJP. Tribal leaders of Congress are now asking for participation in Rajya Sabha by comparing it with BJP.

Gujarat-MP-Rajasthan dominates more than 70 seats.

The politics of tribal-dominated areas of Rajasthan also affects Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. In the tribal-dominated areas of Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat adjoining Vagad, more than 70 seats are dominated by tribals. In the Tribal Sub Plan (TSP) area of ​​the three states, there are 25 seats in Gujarat, 28 in Madhya Pradesh and 18 in Rajasthan. At present, there is not a single tribal leader from Congress in these 70 seats in the three states. Tribal leaders now want one seat in the Rajya Sabha. Tribal leaders associated with Congress are also lobbying for this. He has also conveyed his point to senior Congress leaders.

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