By: Kiran Nookla

The Brajmandal Jalabhishek Mandal yatra is an annual pilgrimage that starts from Nalhar Mahadev Temple in Nuh and proceeds to the Jhirakeshwar Mahadev and Radha Krishna Mandir at Shrangar village in Punhana. The yatra concludes at Shringeshwar Mahadev Mandir. This annual pilgrimage attracts devotees from many regions in Northern India.  The violent attacks that took place on the VHP Shobha Yatra, and the gruesomeness used to attack Hindus in a systematic manner, has shaken all of us to the core.  We must look at the situation pragmatically and draw lessons, so as to be prepared for the future.  To start off, we need to look at the on ground situation in Nuh-Mewat.
Nuh is the only Muslim majority district in Haryana.  It has the highest proportion of Muslims for a district, outside of Kashmir, in North India. Nuh is the poorest district in India. It has the dubious distinction of being India’s cyber crime capital, where extortion, telephone and internet based fraud works like a cottage industry.  Nuh is the most fertile hunting ground for recruitment by international terrorist organisations like JEM, ISIS, Ansar ul-Tawhid, etc.  During July, Haryana government cracked down heavily on the criminal elements:
(a) A team of 5000 policemen was used to bust the cyber criminals.  125 hackers were arrested. Due diligence stopped many of them from crossing into the bordering Rajasthan where they could easily disappear

(b) 2 lac sim cards which were being used for cyber fraud were blocked as part of the crackdown on 14 villages in Nuh

In the aftermath of this crackdown, a number of criminal groups held meetings between 21st and 23rd July, and encouraged their youth to gather stones, glass bottles, guns, etc. A plan was thus worked out to attack the VHP Shobha Yatra.

On the day of the riots, 2 policemen were sitting and having tea with a few of the locals. One of the men among the locals received a phone call.  After disconnecting the call, he slapped one of the policemen.  Then he proceeded to call his associates, took both these policemen into the police station, locked them inside and set the building on fire. Fortunately the policemen managed to break a wire mesh and escape from there.

Where this call originated from is under investigation, but is anybody’s guess.  It could very well be from their handlers in Pakistan
The terrorist mob was briefed to attack policemen, so as to elicit a maximum response and ensure that the situation flared up. Some policemen state that they had to hide and take off their police uniforms, so that they would not be targeted
After attacking the VHP Shobha Yatra, a mob of around 300 men highjacked a public bus and drove it into the Cyber crime police station, in the hope that they could destroy evidence that the government had been collecting on the cybercrime & extortion activities taking place in Nuh.  In the process, 2 policemen – Gursevak & Neeraj were shot and killed by the mob. Another person from Panipat who had come to participate in this annual religious procession lost his 23-year old brother who was first shot and then had his throat slashed by the mob. Another passerby – a sweet shop owner called Shakti Singh (who was returning home from his work) was hacked to death.
The violence has subsided and the Khattr government has come down hard on criminal elements.  There have been several arrests and many illegal structures have been bulldozed in the region.  However, looking at the calculative manner in which this whole episode crafted, this is what can transpire in the aftermath of the Nuh Mewat violence; sleeper cells of these Momin outfits in Alwar and Kerala will attempt to spark trouble and try to spread the riots to other parts of the country.  In Alwar, section 144 was already put in place after shops were attacked and people tried to burn some Hindu establishments.  Also to be noted is another incident, where a group of men urinated on the gates of the RSS office in Shahjahanpur in UP, without provocation. They were apprehended after they started to throw bricks and bats, and are now in police custody. But the overall intent was to try and start riots in UP.
This is how the Communist/Marxist went to work in the early years in United States; the moment the government starts a crackdown on organised crime, anarchy follows.  There is a natural, common bond between the criminal mindset of Communism and that of Momins, and that is what’s at play in Bharat at this point in time. If we look a littler closer, we will find that this is how the riots were induced in Manipur, after the government cracked down on the poppy plantation and all related avenues.  There, the government also worked with Myanmar to block all drug trade routes. The automatic follow up was riots that were exacerbated on the back of fake news and the internet champions of freedom of speech, who have ties to the Communist-Momin cabal.  The aim was to put pressure on the government and keep them distracted from pursuing their anti crime crusade. Today, once again the tragic news is in circulation about the killing of three people in Bishnupur area of Manipur, including a father and a son.

In Manipur, the government had confiscated 50 Kg of ‘World is Yours (WY) tablets, aka ‘party drugs’ worth Rs 14.00 crores during May and August 2022.  These contraband substances were hauled up in Tengnoupal district which borders Myanmar.
Illegal trafficking of tobacco products, Ganja (marijuana), Alcohol, Opium, Spasmo Proxivon (SP), Methamphetamine (WY), Codeine cough syrup, Pseudo-Epherine, methamphetamine and heroin is rampant from Myanmar to Manipur. In Manipur, drug trade has become a multi-national business involving drug mafias from countries such as China, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Nepal.

The Government of the day is relentlessly pursuing criminals across trades and demographics and there is bound to be a backlash.  Our support is crucial at this moment. We must be able to differentiate between a government which is working to help it’s citizens achieve their potential, and a bunch of opportunistic dynasts who are trying to protect their families and family fortunes.

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