Office of International Religious Freedom recognises the persecution and marginalization of Hindus for their beliefs in different parts of the world. Office of International Religious Freedom wished Hindus on Diwali and also gave out a message on twitter “Diwali is a festival of light, but far too many Hindus face this holiday in the darkness of ongoing persecution, discrimination, and marginalization for their beliefs. We remember them. We stand with them.”

It is good for the Hindus that finally the world has started to talk about the persecution discrimination and marginalization faced by Hindus in different parts of the world only because of their faith. Few days ago, when Hindus across the world were celebrating Durga Puja, Hindus of Bangladesh were being raped and butchered mercilessly for their crime of being a Hindu. When Hindus across the world were offering prayers to Ma Durga for their being well being, the idols of Ma Durga were being vandalised. Local extremist muslim groups in Bangladesh wreaked havoc on Hindu devotees throughout the 10-day festival causing Unabated violence, rape, murder, arson and what not. In Hajiganj, Chandpur Muslim fanatics raped a whole Hindu family. They raped the Mother, her daughter and her niece who was only 10 years old and died due to excessive bleeding. Temples looted ,Idols vandalised, Hindu religious books burnt, women got raped, men butchered …this is how Hindus of Bangladesh celebrated the Durga Puja!! But sadly these sufferings are not new for the Hindus living in Bangladesh. Every year they go through the same treatment but this year the cruelty surpassed all limits. Similar goes the case for the Hindus of Pakistan and Afghanistan and many of the Islamic countries. Incidents of rapes, murders, forceful conversions of Hindus in Pakistan can be heard everyday. After the Taliban capture of Afganistan, first time in the history no Hindu is left in Afghanistan.

But it’s heart warming that the whole is looking up and admitting the persecution and marginalization faced by Hindus and is also recognising the importance of Hindus around the world. Till now 20 states of United States of America has declared the month of October as the Hindu Heritage Month for the contributions Sanatan Dharma made to America through its unique and great heritage. The respective declarations issued recently from the office of the governors of various states, congressmen and Senators noted, “Communities of the faith have long served as beacons of hope, sharing their beliefs and bettering their communities through service; improving and inspiring the lives of thousands of followers around the world. Hinduism has contributed greatly to our state and nation through its unique history and heritage.” The president of Viswa Hindu Parishad of America Ajay Shah earlier said it is surprising to know how little people know about Sanatan Vedic Dharma. “It’s high time to educate the world on our philosophy and ethos. The Hindu organizations residing in the United States of America are trying their best to make the US government declare October as the Hindu Heritage Month. The states that came forward to declare October as the Hindu Heritage Month are Texas, Ohio, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Georgia, Florida, Minnesota, Virginia, Nevada, Mississippi, Delaware, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Missouri, Indiana, Michigan.

Repeated effort of the Indian Government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and also because of the efforts of Hindu organizations, finally the world is looking towards Hindus.

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