Ashlyn Davis, an author on Jihad Watch has written an article exposing the global leftist media campaign of portraying India under Modi as a Fascist nation, where Muslims are oppressed. Davis has uncovered how this deliberate narrative is false and in fact, well educated Muslims openly espouse Jihad and brazenly wish Modi and his followers death on social media with no legal consequences.

On the contrary, Hindus are targeted in several border states of India, for instance the ongoing genocide of Hindus in Bengal after Mamata Banerjee’s victory in recent assembly polls. The central government headed by BJP is mutely watching its cadres being butchered by TMC terrorists in Bengal. Thousands of Bengali Hindus had to flee Bengal and take refuge in neighbouring Assam to escape the pogrom in Bengal.

The author rightly points out that PM Modi has tried to woo the Muslims and other minorities with various scholarship schemes and special business loans to win their trust, while they continue to abuse him. In the meanwhile, his core Hindu voters are disappointed to see the same minority appeasement policies perpetuated of the previous anti-Hindu governments. while agenda of Hindus like freeing Hindu Temples from clutches of government, having a central anti-conversion & anti-cow slaughter law and amending the draconian provisions of the Right to Education law which singularly puts the onus of providing free education to poor on private Hindu educational institutions while exempting minority (read Christian and Muslim) educational institutions.

Read below the full article sourced from Jihad Watch written by Ashlyn Davis:

Muslim Civil Engineer Wishes Modi Death On Social Media

An interesting and provocative Facebook post surfaced yesterday. In a public post made on the social media site, Shoaib Naqvi, a resident of New Delhi, India, wishes death upon the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

He writes, “I just hope Modi never gets to live Central Vista.”

Central Vista is India’s central administrative area, located near Raisina Hill, New Delhi. The concerned “Central Vista Project” refers to the construction of a new triangular Parliament building that will be able to accommodate central government offices allotted to key positions, and will include the Prime Minister’s residence. Given that the initiative was taken by the present Prime Minister, who is detested by the liberal camp with a passion, media platforms have been slandering the project in every way they can.

This provides the acute Modi-haters with an added excuse to wish ill upon him openly. We can assume that in the absence of the Central Vista debate, pathological haters such as Shoaib Naqvi would have found other reasons to hate Prime Minister Modi.

We are often made to understand that the community Shoaib Naqvi belongs to is being oppressed in India. They are supposedly denied equal rights and opportunities, and hence their hatred is warranted. Yet in this case we find that Shoaib Naqvi is an educated youth who, after having received an Engineering Degree from Maharshi Dayanand University Rohtak (as per his Linkedin profile), has been employed as a civil engineer with the Rural Electrification Corporation Ltd for over six years. In other words, he has been able to secure a stable livelihood under the Ministry of Power, which is a government of India initiative, during Narendra Modi’s Prime Ministership. Yet he makes a borderline criminal post about the sitting prime minister with absolute impunity, with no policeman knocking on his door. How many civilized countries in the world would display such extensive tolerance?

However, Shoaib Naqvi is not one citizen who has some deadly hopes. Just a day ago, a celebrity designer in India, Farah Khan Ali, spewed some classic venom against the “Bhakts” who voted for Prime Minister Modi. The literal translation of the Sanskrit word “Bhakt” is “devotee” to the Hindu faith. However, in recent years, this term has been used by the anti-Modi lobby to mock and slight the supporters of Modi, which consists mostly of Hindus.

In her spiteful tweet, Farah Khan Ali, who is also the daughter of a famous Bollywood actor, stated that she prays that the Bhakts who support the Prime Minister would lose their loved ones in the pandemic. Such abrasive hate! Ali attracted a massive backlash for her malicious outburst and was forced to take down the tweet and tender an “apology” of sorts. However, the damage was done; her veneer was stripped away, exposing her thoughts.

The burning hate that the likes of Shoaib Naqvi or Farah Khan Ali have in their hearts for the Prime Minister and his Hindu followers dates back to ancient times. Such people often try to rationalize their hate by invoking the 2002 Gujarat riots, shrewdly concealing how the Gujarat riots were triggered when a mob of Muslims torched a train that was packed with Hindu devotees. Some may hate Modi for realizing the 500-year-old dream of constructing the Ram Mandir. But that was done as per a Supreme Court judgement. Others may base their hate on the passing of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). Again, the CAA is an instrument to offer citizenship to the marginalized minorities in neighbouring Islamic countries; it doesn’t have any impact upon Muslims in India. So why hate Modi?

Neither Twitter nor Facebook took down the respective posts, although they were reported by numerous users.

Popular media has long dubbed Prime Minister Modi as the Hindutva leader who works for the cause of the Hindus alone, despite the fact that he has introduced numerous measures that benefit the Muslim community equally.

Prime Minister Modi himself doesn’t seem to relish the crown of “Hindutva King” these days. He appears to have become desperate to acquire a secular image. His newly found fondness for secularism has left a sizable segment of his supporters annoyed, more so following his astounding silence on the post-poll Bengal violence.

Prime Minister Modi has been propagating the idea of “computer in one hand and Quran in another” for the uplift of the Muslims. He has coined a new slogan of inclusivity, “Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas Sabka Viswas,” which means “Everyone’s support, everyone’s development and now everyone’s trust.” Yet here is a Muslim civil engineer, an educated young man, who openly wishes death upon the elected leader.

Dear Prime Minister Narendra Modi, are these the people whose trust you are trying to win by upsetting your core supporters?

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