Many countries have put ban on Christmas, then why are we celebrating in India ?

India is a country where the invading Britishers who kept the country as slaves for 200 years, looted the property of India, tortured it, looted the honor of sisters and daughters, from whom many countrymen did not sacrifice their lives in liberating India. Gave it, even today, Christmas is being celebrated by those British-made festivals.

Christmas has been banned in many countries in the world, those countries have given the reason that it is against the culture of our country, then India where Christian missionaries are applying billions of trillion rupees to destroy the culture, why are they celebrating this festival? Huh ?

Christmas ban in Brunei country

The Sultan of Brunei has imposed Christmas on 2015, the sultan has made a strict law for Christmas observers, the sultan said that “Anyone caught celebrating Christmas here will be imprisoned for five years.” Even if anyone is found congratulating them on this occasion, or if they also wear a Santa hat, they will face the punishment of imprisonment. “

He said that during Christmas festivities, people hold crosses, burn candles, make Christmas trees, sing their religious songs, greet Christmas and praise their religion. All these activities are against our country. Our faith is affected by the celebration of Christmas. ‘

Christmas ban in Somalia country

The government of Somalia has also banned the celebration of Christmas since 2015. The government warned that this may threaten the beliefs of the people of the country.

Christmas ban in North Korea

North Korean dictator Kim Jong has banned Christmas. Kim Jong gave a decree to celebrate his grandmother Kim Jong Suk’s birthday instead of Christmas.

In 2014, Christmas was banned in North Korea. Not only this, we had also decided to remove the big Christmas tree. The large Christmas tree planted by South Korea was removed. Kim Jong himself hates these trees planted on Christmas. They are removed from any shop or restaurant in Pyongyang. The most Christian people in Korea live in Pyongyang. Here, 50 thousand to 70 thousand Christians who spoke of human rights were locked up inside the jails.

Christmas ban on Chinese University

Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, located in China’s northeastern province of Liaoning, in its notice issued to students in 2017, asked them not to organize any Western festival on campus, such as Christmas.

The student organization Youth League cites the reasons that some youngsters are enthusiastically excited about the Western festival, especially on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day and there is a need to avoid Western culture.

This is not the first time in China that an educational institution has banned Christmas. In China, it is believed that western or foreign culture will destroy the ancient culture of China.

Thanks to those countries which issued orders not to celebrate Christmas even in a country with such a small population.

One is our India country where the roots of Hinduism are being cut in the name of secularism.

All religions can be respected, but not all religions can be equal.

Hinduism is the eternal religion. No one knows when it started. Lord Rama also appeared in the same eternal religion and Lord Krishna also.

Celebrating Christmas in those countries is expected to destroy the culture there, so why should we celebrate this Christmas in India. Whereas India is a country of sages and sages.

The countrymen have to be careful, from wine drinkers, beef eaters, those who dance with foreign women and make western relations by fostering western culture and worship Tulsi on that day instead of celebrating Christmas.

Do not waste material in making Christmas tree, because if Christmas trees are made by cutting trees, then crores of trees are cut, if there is a plastic tree, then crores of kilograms of carcinogens become non-destructive chemical waste.

So, on 25 December, worship Tulsi, which gives 24 hours of oxygen.

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