Congress leader P. Chidambaram has pledged to restore the special status of Kashmir under Article 370 of the Constitution. He has wished the Mufti Mohd Sayeed’s party and Abdullah’s party. I strongly condemn this act of him. I would like to share some information regarding the Jammu and Kashmir issue.

Kashmir is not to be lost!

Kashmir is the crown jewel of our motherland. Kashmir was named after Sage Rishi Kashyapa. The grace of Goddess Saraswati has always been colossal in the Kashmir Valley. Srinagar is a paradise located in the Himalayan foothills.

The culture of the people of Kashmir is ancient. The people of Kashmir are the ones who have overcome the severe cold and freezing snow by hard work. Those who are educated are called scholars. Ayodhya Pandit is a great scholar in Tamil Nadu. Who worked for the betterment of the downtrodden.

Currently living in Kashmir are pandits. i.e., iBrahmins. The Kashmir issue is being misrepresented as the problem of the Brahmins and slanderous propaganda is being carried out.

Ancestors of Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, were natives of Kashmir. The hill on which Mahan Adisankarar performed penance is located on the Taal Lake in the Srinagar Valley. Attempts are currently being made to rename it the Sulaiman cave.

There is a lot of literature and Shaivism in the Kashmiri language. When Mahan Ramanujar placed the Sri Bhasya written by him on the Kashmir Saraswati pedestal, it is said that the Kalaimgal Saraswati took it in her head and granted it. The people of Kashmir were severely affected during the Mughal and Turkish invasions.

Shakti Peethas, shrines associated with the Ramayana and Mahabharata and the Amarnath ice Linga Cave Temple confirm that the aborigines of Kashmir are Hindus. The temples were looted during the foreign invasion. The people of Kashmir were forcibly converted.

Tegh Bahadur, the eighth Guru of the Sikh religion, sacrificed his life to save the Hindus of Kashmir. Raja Ranjit Singh, a Sikh, has waged a war to liberate Kashmir from British rule. Govind Singh, the tenth guru of Sikhism, has declared war on Kashmir.

Even during the British rule, Kashmir was predominantly Hindu. During the partition Maharaja Harisingh of Kashmir unconditionally annexed Kashmir to India. This is why soon after independence, Pakistan began to occupy Kashmir.

The Pakistani army declared war on India. The Indian army won the war and saved Kashmir. Jawaharlal Nehru declared a ceasefire before the complete recapture of Kashmir while the Indian Army was winning the war. He raised this issue to the U.N. Due to this, the Kashmir issue continues to this day.

Kashmir can be divided into three geographically. One – the Jammu area where Hindus still live today, two – the Srinagar Valley where Hindus and Sikhs are completely expelled and only Muslims live, and three – Ladakh where a significant number of Buddhists and Shia Muslims live.

All the districts in the Srinagar Valley have been fully converted into Muslim districts within the last ten years. The Kashmiri language has been completely wiped out in the Srinagar Valley. Urdu and Arabic are the only languages ​​and official languages ​​of the people. Most Hindu temples have been demolished.

In 1948, Pakistan occupied one-third of Kashmir. Pakistan calls it ‘Azad Kashmir’ and we call it ‘Pakistan Occupied Kashmir’. Pakistan has given part of this to China. This area is called ‘Aksai Chin’.

The Chinese military has set up road facilities in the region and concentrated its military equipment. Terrorism is spreading all over the world from the Pakistan-occupied territory.

The government of Pakistan runs a number of training camps for terrorists here. They are brainwashing Kashmiri youth and innocent Muslim youth, giving them training by tempting them with money and providing weapons training, turning them into jihad terrorists and infiltrating India and carrying out deadly terrorist acts inside India.

It is painful that some fundamentalist Islamic organizations in India, the Communist Left Naxalites, the Dravidian League and some human rights organizations are campaigning against the Indian military in India, especially in Tamil Nadu.

Riots in Srinagar raise the Pakistani flag and are showing the flag of ISIS and burning the Indian national flag. They are attacking the military and pelting stones on them by keeping women and children in front of them.

The rioters used machine guns and grenades to attack civilians, police and soldiers. But the military and police should not use guns.

Currently, the military also bans the use of “pellet” rifles, which use non-lethal grenades as bullets. So sad that the police and soldiers need to die getting attacked by the stones.

In Kashmir, Hindus were expelled, and in one village only Sikhs were isolated and shot dead. They are giving false news that unemployment and poverty leads the youngsters to indulge in terrorist activities.

In fact, what has been and is being carried out by Pakistan-backed terrorists in the Srinagar Valley is a planned genocide. Indigenous people of Kashmir have been killed. Kashmir language, culture, archaeological symbols have been completely destroyed.

The heirs of the leaders of the terrorist groups that are leading the riots in Kashmir are all well educated and have got jobs and are living better. But Pakistan is instigating and aiding and abetting innocent Muslim youth in terrorist activities in the name of Islamic madrasah education.

The people of Srinagar Valley have enjoyed many of the privileges accorded to them by the special status granted to them under Article 370 of the Constitution. Ladakh region Buddhists, Shia Muslims and Jammu region Hindus are neglected.

Much of the funding and development projects allocated to Kashmir have been enjoyed by the Kashmir Valley. Areas of Jammu and Ladakh are neglected. In this context, terrorist atrocities are on the rise in Jammu and Ladakh.

Now the number of indigenous Hindus in Kashmir is declining in many districts of Jammu as well. We must give full freedom to the military to defend our country. To suppress terrorist activities. Occupied Kashmir must be reclaimed.

BJP, PDP in Kashmir, The coalition government is a democratically elected government. Opposition parties have blamed the BJP for not being in power. The coalition government should not be opposed for more political reasons. We must not act in support of terrorists in such a way as to destabilize the morale of our military.

We have fought and won four wars for Kashmir, including the Kargil war. After all, we must not lose Kashmir and abandon Kashmiris like the minority Sindhis and Punjabis in Pakistan, the minority East Bengalis in Bangladesh and the minority Hindu Tamils ​​in Sri Lanka.

Kashmir is not to be lost, we must save Kashmir from the clutches of terrorists. Let’s save Bharat.

Image Credit – New Indian Express

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