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Get Padamasana Lord Buddha Clad In A Superbly Woven Robe

Lord Buddha, the founder of Buddhist religion is known for his immense hardships, extreme sacrifices and long lasting patience to complete the journey of attaining enlightenment; postured enticingly on a richly carved lotus pedestal, having parallel double layered petals on a supremely chiseled base.

Tibetan Padamasana Lord Buddha in his iconic padmasana holds the beautiful begging bowl identifying him as the head of the order and the other hand faces outwards forming the cosmic wheel of law by his thumb and fore finger joined together.

Apart from his perfect carvings and finite structures, Lord Buddha is draped in luxurious robe having interlocked carvings and a mesmerizing thin border. The realistic expressions of his face, high browed eyes and the exclusive coiled hair represent the sculptor’s knowledgeable skills and fine play of hands. The upward wavy mark on his forehead is the third eye of wisdom and the three clear lines on neck symbolize his sweet and soulful voice.

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