This Operation PIN CODE is the Conspiracy Hatched Against India by Bangladesh, Pakistan, And ISI ( Intelligence Organisation Of Pakistan) to Asunder Apart the northeastern part of India, from the rest of the Indian Territory and get the northeastern states of India under their Grip and holds. By forceful Amalgamation of North East states Of India To Bangladesh, their dream of making a Greater Bangladesh And making an entire land Darul Islam will get accomplished, which is the duty of every Muslim with which they are bounded. Let’s Get To The Inside Of This Operation PIN CODE To Understand It More Clearly And Its consequences on India

As Per Operation PIN CODE, Their Aim Is To Cut the NORTHEAST INDIA from the remaining Part of India And For The Fulfilment Of their Aim, About 19 Training Camps Have Been Running In Bangladesh, Funded by the Pakistani Govt And Under The Guidance of ISI, Supported And Protected By Bangladesh Govt. In All These 19 Jihadi Training Camps, Muslim Youths are Trained and then by means of Illegal Infiltration They Enter The North Eastern States Of India, Then they Target The Indian Security Forces, BSF, and Local People. Their Main Target is The “Chicken Neck” which is a Very crucial Strategic Point, this Narrow Channel starts from the KishanGanj District Of Bihar And Ends on The Siliguri Corridor. This Road Is about 32 KMs in Length And 24 KMs in Breadth. The Most Crucial Part About “Chicken Neck” Is Its Location, All the North East Neighbour Countries Of India Are Very Close to This Road, for Control Of North East India the capture And control over this road are of great relevance. Bangladesh, Pakistan, and ISI always Eyeing on this crucial Channel. The significance Of This Channel can Be Understand From The MAP Given Below, See Carefully, how strategically and Geographically “CHICKEN NECK” or Siliguri corridor is Crucial.

It’s very clear Now That this Chicken Neck Is not less than an Artery To India’s geography, Bangladesh Pakistan And Jihadi Groups know that Until Chicken Neck is under Indian control, they can’t have their dreams to get fulfilled. This Operation PIN CODE is very similar and analogous to Operation BADR which was launched by PAKISTAN ARMY in which they Crossed The LOC ( LINE OF CONTROL) and by Illegal Infiltration, they Captured the Indian Post and Bunkers. The same is the case in Operation PIN CODE in which Bangladeshi Muslims are Entering North East India, With arms and without arms and Disturbing the geography of that area, Due to Heavy infiltration from Bangladesh, this chicken neck area has become 80% Muslim dominated mostly are Bangladeshi Muslim.

Due to Bangladeshi Muslim Domination in the Chicken Neck area, the control over this area by India has been reduced and Indian Security Forces get no local support from people, thus making the situation more terrible for India. It’s only Due to strict Surveillance by Indian security forces that still India has managed to have Control over this Channel. As per Article published In the newspaper “THE PIONEER”  on 15 JANUARY 2005, Operation PIN CODE Was Officially Launched by JAMATE E ISLAMI, which was one of the Bangladeshi branches of AL QAEDA, a meeting was preceded before its launching somewhere near DHAKA. But if This Chicken Neck gets out of the Indian control, then all Northeast Indian residents of India, whether they are Hindi speaking Or Non-Hindi speaking will Also get trapped in it, thus no protection, no supply could be given to the trapped people of North Eastern Part Of India. All North Eastern States would be then submerged into the territory of Bangladesh to Make A GREATER Bangladesh which was the ultimate aim of these Jihadis For which they were Waiting For So long. Given Below Is the Proposed Map Of Greater Bangladesh, for which they were aiming for.

This Operation PIN CODE Is Clearly Influenced By the Islamic Dimension Of Expansion and Capturing the land of enemies i.e Darul Harab ( where the rule of Islam is not established). if Bangladesh PAKISTAN AND ISI Get succeded in their mission, then it would lead to a complete tectonic shift in the Geopolitics of India and would mark a high-intensity conflict arising under this situation, therefore the present Indian leadership of India must take every necessary step to foil this Plan Operation PIN CODE. we must Realise That loss of the North-Eastern Part of India would not only lead to the destruction of that area but would also mark the destruction of the whole of India.




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