The rape and death threats BJP national spokesperson is receiving speaks itself how much rotten muslim community is !! A recent announcement has been made by a a Pakistani Twitter handle named ‘Labbaikians TV’. Through a tweet it announced that “Ghustaak-e-Rasool Nupur Sharma beheader will be given Rs 5 million reward -Labbaikians TV,”. The handle is run by supporters of Islamic extremist party, Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP).

National Spokesperson of Bhartiya Janta Party, Nupur Sharma is being constantly attacked by Islamists. She is being bombarded with rape, death and beheading threats. Not only she, but her sister, mother, father all are being targeted by Islamists. Nupur Sharma has blamed the so called fact checker Mohammad Zubair for the threats she is receiving.

Mohammad Zubair must be held responsible for what Nupur Sharma is facing. Mohammad Zubair, a well known Hindu hater has shared an edited video of debate hoisted at Times Now by Navika Kumar where Nupur Sharma can be seen criticizing the prophet of muslims, Mohammad and can also be seen dismantling the myths of Islam as a religion. Mohammad Zubair very cunningly uploaded a specific part of the video where Nupur Sharma was seen criticizing Islam but not the full video where the other panelist who was a muslim criticised Sanatan Dharma. Also in the video shared by Zubair it could be seen that Nupur Sharma categorically mentioned that the other panelist must not insult other religious otherwise his beliefs will also be targeted.

Nupur Sharma wrote a tweet informing Police that , if anything untoward happens to her or any of my family members then Mohammad Zubair is solely responsible who instead of ‘fact-checking’ peddled a fake-narrative to vitiate the atmosphere, cause communal disharmony & cause communal & targeted hatred against me & my family.



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