Hypothetically speaking, if I were the Supreme Court judge today, I would have, Suo moto, tried the British Government for crime against humanity, for all they did in India during 1700s until 1947, including the charge for committing arson under section 435 and 436 under Indian Penal Code 1860, for a willful and malicious intent to set fire to a property to cause damage.

India was one of the largest countries in the world where these arsonists came to do trade in 1600s, and found that the hosts were very welcoming and the host country was supremely rich with practically everything available under the sun to fulfill all the desires of men; in fact to such an extent that even the idea of what to desire could be found only here in this land. It was here they found that from absolute spiritual need on one extreme to the most materialistic ones on the other end were all extant here.

With very few thousands of their own men, they managed to rule over a large part of the entire earth with much ease. They not only stole cash and kind over a period of 250 odd years that is worth in today’s valuation at about US $ 45 trillion but did everything to almost completely destroy a civilization that existed for several thousand years by uprooting the beautiful tree from its roots.

These arsonists not only wanted to loot massively but also wanted to burn the property before running away.

Burn they did.

Not satisfied with the heist, they simultaneously started laying foundation for arson almost 150 years before their departure.

How did they do that?

  • “Divide et impera (Divide and Rule) was the old Roman motto, and it should be ours.” (Lord Elphinstone, Governor of Bombay, 1857)
  • The better classes of Mohammedans are a source of strength and not of weakness. They constitute a comparatively small but energetic minority of the population, whose political interests are identical with ours, and who, under no conceivable circumstances, would prefer Hindu dominion to our own.” (Sir John Strachey, after whom the ‘Strachey Hall’ in Aligarh Muslim University is named, had stated in 1894)
  • They tried to create pockets of solid support for their regime. One such pocket that was the focus of the British were the Sikhs.
  • Sikh Gurudwara Act was passed in 1925, to create a clear divide in the society by separating Sikhs from Hindus
  • Evangelical and colonial elements had unholy nexus with British Indologists to fabricate the Dravidian identity and then propose that Dravidians were in India before the Aryans and were cheated by Brahmins, who were the cunning agents of Aryans. They proclaimed that Dravidians therefore had to be liberated by Europeans.
  • Now, of course, it is the time for Western forces – academic, activist, political, religious, and media – to divide India further by feeding Dalit disenchantment. That story, being manufactured at breakneck speed, is yet to be fully chronicled. Rajiv Malhotra has exposed these ‘Breakingindiaforces’ in his seminal book “Breaking India” way back in 2011, with 135 pages of references.
  • English Education Act 1835

End result

  • Large proportion of Muslims who voted for Pakistan chose to stay back to complete the agenda of Gazwa-e-Hind (Read PFI document India 2047)
  • Millions of Hindus (including Sikhs) lost their lives, homes, identities and became refugees while fleeing at the time of partition
  • Hundreds of thousands of women were raped and killed in the most barbaric manner that cannot be even imagined
  • Even after creating two-nations based on religion, India was not declared a Hindu Rashtra, thus paving the way for this pathetic situation today for Hindus
  • In 1947, the population of Hindus was 17-18% in Pakistan which is now close to 2-3 % and almost 25 % of Hindus in Bangladesh then now having reduced to about 5-7% with everyday incidents of rape, abduction and forceful conversion of Hindu girls and women and non-stop killings of Hindus in both the countries.

How to get closure of the horror remembrance?

  • No matter what it takes, sooner we declare India a Hindu Rashtra, better for us
  • Government must stop funding madrasas, Haj subsidy, payment to Mullahs and Priests and release Hindu temples from Government control right away. In short, stop appeasement policies
  • Work with firm political will to terminate Halal ecosystem
  • The concept of minorities is oxymoronic in a secular state
  • Begin firm steps to decolonize India
  • Ask for reparations from England

In closing, I would say that we need to go beyond this Partition Horrors Remembrance Day to Partition Horrors Closure Action Plan. The ruling establishment needs spine for that, though, which is missing as of now.

Hindus’ DNAs do have those genes but are dormant right now.

Will our rishis bless us to make these genes active?

Only time and our karma will inform us.

Udit Shah

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