With daily discoveries of dastardly animal rapes by people from the ‘peaceful’ community coming to fore recently be it the case of a 67 year old Ahmad Shah who raped 30 dogs in Mumbai or a man in his twenties, Toufeek Ahmad raping a dog in Mumbai and many such cases where the members of the peaceful community have made innocent animals a target of their sexual lust, a case from Britain tops the chart for bestial brutality as reported by TimesNow on October 20, 2020.

Vile Rehan Baig , a 37 year old British man has been convicted few months back in October 2020 and sentenced to a mere three years in jail for sexually abusing his pet chickens. More shockingly, his wife filmed her husband’s cruel act and aided him in his sexual perverse pleasures.

Rehan Baig was convicted and sentenced by the Bradford Crown Court for cruelty to animals and bestiality. Rehan’s wife had reportedly, shot the horrifying video and kept them in a file named “family vids”. For any normal family across the world, family videos are generally happy and funny moments captured by camera for posterity, but for Rehan Baig and his wife, family videos meant filming sexual abuse of defenceless pet animals, nothing can be more diabolical than this warped sense of family time.

The Daily Mail reported that the couple used a GoPro camera to capture the depraved act of her husband in the basement of their home.

The court was informed by the authorities that the Rehan’s wife joined him in the videos and Rehan alternated between having sex with his wife and the defenceless chickens. The poor chickens later died due to the brutality suffered in their sexual assault by Rehan.

The judge gave a scathing judgement, which any civilized person would, by calling Rehan’s behaviour a despicable, depraved and perverted act which would make any normal person sick.

His 38 year old wife, Haleema Baig confessed in court of aiding and abetting her husband’s cruel act, but she escaped jail term as the woman had suffered abuse at the hands of her husband, Rehan Baig.

Notably, the incident came to light after the couple’s home in Great Horton in Bradford, West Yorkshire was raided by National Crime Agency on July 9, 2019 to investigate a complaint against Baig for possessing images of sexual abuse of children.

The police was shocked out of their wits at the material recovered from the terror house. The police seized two computer towers, a laptop, a mobile phone and child sexual abuse materialfrom the gadgets.

Prosecutor Abigail Langford averred that Rehan Baig’s gadgets had several videos which showed him having penetrative sex with defenceless voiceless animals.

Religious Sanction In Islam For Bestiality: Islamic Scholar & Terror Supporter Dr Zakir Naik

Notably, prominent Islamic scholar and terror supporter Dr Zakir Naik has quoted Islam’s founder to sanction sex with animals or bestiality to ‘release his (a Muslim man’s) lust with a sheep or a goat’ when a woman is not available. Essentially, this gives religious sanction to a male Muslim to have sex with an animal (bestiality) if a woman is not available. But according to the Islamic tenets expounded by Zakir Naik, the sheep or goat should be killed after the sexual intercourse as it is said to have become tainted!

This fiendish tenet of sanctioning animal rape and killing the victim animal after rape, is akin to the Islamic law of stoning to death a woman rape victim, for committing ‘adultery’. Moreover Zakir Naik says that the meat cannot be eaten by the people in that particular village where the animal was sexually abused though it can be sold to a neighboring village for consumption!

These tenets religiously sanctioning animal rape or bestiality seems to be too horrifying to even come from a diabolical horror fictional movie.

Surprisingly, world over all international leaders try to maintain complete silence about such devilish tenets and religious practices rather than completely revamping the barbaric religious practices adopted in Islam with are anti-women, anti basic human rights and anti-animal rights or for that matter a complete anti-thesis of humanity and morality.

Zakir Naik’s Preachings Responsible For Increasing Cases Of Bestiality Perpetrated By Muslims?

Terror and radical devilish preachers like Dr Zakir Naik’s videos and preachings available easily on the internet and influences and inspires many perverts from the ‘religion of peace’ to indulge in grossly shameful and inhumane acts as in the case of Rehan Baig or Ahmad Shah or Toufeek Ahmad and several more like them.

Need For Reforming Islam To Do Away With Certain Barbaric Practices & Immoral Tenets Of Islam In Modern Era

Till the civilized society world over has the guts to call a spade a spade and decides to outlaw many inhuman, devilish and bigoted practices creeped in Islam which sanctions child sex abuse of young children, killing and raping Kafirs (non-believers of Islam), stoning rape victims to death, bestiality etc., the very survival of civilized society and humanity is endangered.

News input and image source: TimesNow





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