(Sonam Kapoor – PETA India’s 2018 Person of the Year, proudly wearing and carrying MURDERED animals as fur and handbags.)

The tweets say it all. PETA seems disorganized, schizophrenic and clueless. PETA-India is a Jihadi sympathizer. Too afraid to call out Islamic barbaric practices for what they are, PETA has undergone an identity crisis meltdown and conceded defeat on Twitter. The world is left laughing at this loss of whatever credibility this organization once held. #JihadiPETA

The teenage-brain level discombobulated Tweets by PETA shows that they lack a concise message nor basic skills in researching and debating. Shefali Vaidya articulately slays PETA and their hypocrisy at the alter of truth. Not a tough job and no puns intended.

Shefali Vaidya.@ShefVaidya#Thread Going to ask @PetaIndia 5 specific questions. I know they follow my TL even though they are pretending I do not exist, after trolling me 24/7 for 2 days. My questions will prove that not only is @PetaIndia#AntiHinduPeta, it is also a fraud organisation #PetaIndiaExposed

Shefali Vaidya.@ShefVaidya·Jul 22Replying to @ShefVaidyaQuestion 1 – @PetaIndia You made a ridiculous connection in your hoardings between #RakshaBandhan and cow leather trade, but why have you NOT mentioned #EidAlAdha anywhere in your hoardings featuring goats? Scared much? #AntiHinduPeta

Shefali Vaidya.@ShefVaidya·Jul 22Question 2 – You LIED that @IngridNewkirk WAS your founder and she is NOT the main functionary at @PetaIndia, if that is true, why do your campaigns feature her, and why does she sign your official FCRA returns? #AntiHinduPeta#PetaIndiaExposed

Shefali Vaidya.@ShefVaidya·Jul 22Question 3 – Most Hindu/Jain spiritual leaders are vegetarian and advocate Ahimsa. Why has @PetaIndia NEVER chosen a Hindu Guru or Jain Acharya as your Person Of The Year, when @PetaIndia chose Pope Francis @Pontifex even though he eats meat. #AntiHinduPeta#PetaIndiaExposed

Shefali Vaidya.@ShefVaidya
·Jul 22Q 4 – @PetaIndia has filed PILs in India asking for a ban on #kambala, #jallikattu, #templeelephants using the Prevention Of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. But why has @PetaIndia NEVER challenged section 28 of the same act under which halaal Eid slaughter is legal? #AntiHinduPeta

Shefali Vaidya.@ShefVaidya·Jul 22And finally, Q 5 – @PetaIndia trolled me for 2 days calling me a snake and saying #SnakeLivesMatter. Yes, they DO. But have you given this gyan to your Person Of The Year @sonamakapoor who proudly flaunts a python leather Prada bag worth 1900 USD?

Photo: Pinkvilla

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