In a loathsome act, a caller hurled the choicest of expletives on the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his 99-year-old mom Hiraben throughout a radio program carried out by BBC Asian Network.
The program, hosted by anchor Priya Rai on BBC Sounds, was aired on Monday (March 1). During an episode of the British cleaning soap opera ‘Eastenders’, the ‘Sikh turban’ was known as a ‘crown’. BBC carried out a 3-hour lengthy presentation on whether or not the Sikh neighborhood within the United Kingdom felt happy with such a reference. The host took a number of cellphone calls from the viewers, who expressed the battle of the Sikhs within the nation.
An infamous caller, by the identity of Simon, joined the program and abused PM Modi and his aged mom.

In a tweet, British Indians Voice stated, “This offensive statement on BCC Asian Network literally translates to “put a leg in Modis Mothers Vagina”. This is a typical Punjabi offensive slur that’s used to degrade ladies with the only real goal to offend.” It is additionally known as upon communication regulator Ofcom to evaluate the broadcasting license of BBC Asian Network.

BBC removes contentious content material
The BCC community then edited the program and eliminated the derogatory remarks. In a press release, it stated, “This program has been edited since the broadcast.” At 1 hour 32 minutes within the program, the host Piya Rai issued a weak apology, “Before we carry on though, we would like to apologize for some of the offensive language used by the guest on the show earlier. It’s a live show and we discuss controversial issues often. There was no reason for the type of language that was used and I would like to say sorry again for any offense that was caused.”

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