The Edaneer Mutt Head Sri Keshavanand Bharti,79 passes away.
The nation will always remember him also for Keshavanand Bharti vs State of Kerala judgement of SC which gave a direction to the Judiciary to work in the interest of the citizens &for protection ofConstitution.

Kesavananda Bharathi had initiated the case that that helped define the basic rights under the Constitution.

Kesavananda Bharathi, whose legal fight led to the landmark decision outlining the basic rights under the Constitution, passed away this morning. The head of Edaneer Math in Kerala’s Kasargod was 79.

In 1973, Kesavananda had filed a case challenging the Kerala government’s attempts to impose restrictions over the mutt property. In a wafer-thin majority ruling of 7-6, the 13-judge bench pronounced that while Parliament had “wide” powers, it cannot alter the basic structure of the Constitution.

The Kesavananda judgment also defined the extent to which Parliament could restrict property rights, in pursuit of land reform and the redistribution of large landholdings to cultivators, overruling previous decisions that suggested that the right to property could not be restricted.

The case holds the top spot for the longest hearing ever to have taken place. It was heard by the largest ever Constitution Bench of 13 Judges for 68 days. Hearing in the case commenced on October 31, 1972, and concluded on March 23, 1973.

In 2018, Kesavananda Bharati was conferred with Justice VR Krishna Iyer Award

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