A Massive IT Raid!
Yesterday (05-11-2020) the Income Tax Department has been conducting raids in the premises of Gospel For Asia and Believers Eastern Church, both headquartered at Thiruvella, a small town near Kottayam, Kerala. The scope of raids is to unearth the huge sums illegally received by these institutions in utter violation of Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) over the past several years.
These two organisations belong to K. P. Yohanan alias Moran Mar Athaneshious Yohan, a Metropolitan Bishop and Christian Preacher. Yohanan reportedly spent several years in the USA to study Christianity, when he got a Honorary Doctorate! For the last 10 years his organisations have reportedly received more than ₹1000 Crores funding from abroad. Recently he created a record of sorts by purchasing a rubber plantation measuring about 2268 acres at one go! With this purchase he has acquired about one third of the total extent of Thiruvella which is about 6717 acres!
Besides he is said to be running Shelter homes for boys called Bridge of Hope in several locations spread over many countries, outwardly for offering succour to the poor but in all likelihood for the clandestine purpose of conversion. He also runs the Chriswel College and a Medical College, both of which he owns. He also owns a large church that he constructed at Thiruvella. He is said to have barely escaped the provisions of the Racketeers, Influenced and Corrupt Organisations Act, 1970 of the United States when enquiries were being conducted, by escaping from the country! His organisations have never been scrutinized or interfered with by any government thus far. It is said that the Hindustan Bible Institute and College at Chennai has links to Yohanan.
Yohanan is married to Gisela Punnose. He has a son called Daniel and a girl called Sarah. He has reportedly written, published and sold more than 200 books on Christianity.
The Income Tax raids are still underway, as the Department may have netted a huge fish! If FEMA violations are established and a Prima facie case made out, the Enforcement Directorate will get into the matter.
It is also expected that many NGOs abroad may now be identified as indulging in proselytising activities in India through organisations such as the ones run by Yohanan.
I wonder whether Father Jagat Caspar is linked in any manner to Yohanan. The chain may extend to people like Kanimozhi.
On the other hand the Temples that were endowed with land, jewels and other moveables by our Kings and rulers are today in ruins. The lands have been illegally trespassed upon and the trespassers have been enjoying the benefits from the lands without paying a Rupee to the temples, thereby leaving those like the Temple Priests and other temple staff in poverty and unable to make both ends meet! Ironically while totally ignoring the encroachers the shameless HR & CE Department insists on issuing Memos for imaginary offences of temple employees!
Jai Hind!

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