They allow five times a day noise pollution at the name of players by so-called minorities who make a new Pakistan wherever they become the majority. They enable millions of animals’ sacrifice and gallons of water wastage for cleaning the meat. However, they find no pollution concerns in these kinds of brutal festivals. But the Indian left and jihadi courts of justice always come up with new bans on every second Hindu festival. The recent one is the ban on crackers only for Diwali, not for the entire year or Christmas or New Years’ eve.

However, somewhere I see some positivity as well in all these Christoislamic ban Hindu festivals propaganda. The positivity is that when something is banned, it becomes ultra-cool to do that. Therefore, I am sure that more crackers will be bursted than ever before to prove the Christoislamic left-liberals wrong about their one-day pollution control drive. However, let us take the oath not to let our festival spirit die by choosing the seven alternates when crackers are banned.

  1. Thali-Tali 

This is a super cool way of lifting the festival mood. Even our prime minister has appealed to all the countrymen to beat thali-tali, making the noise and spreading awareness about COVID-19. Let us pick the thali and spoons and make the loudest noise in synch to lift the festive mood.

  1. Recorded Crackers’ Sound

Most of us have a mobile phone and amplifiers at home. Let us download a pre-recorded crackers’ busting sound and play on full volume on the amplifiers. Let us spread this among friends and burst these low-cost crackers.

  1. Sankhnad

Sankh or conch is an essential part of the Hindu and Sanatana worship rituals. Let us come together and blow the conch at full sound to make this Diwali more ritualistic and joyful. One can use the amplifiers as well to boost the sound of the conch. 

  1. Mandir Ghantas and Bells in Sync

The ghantas or bells are also an essential part of Hindu worship rituals. Let us ring the mandir ghantas or bells on full sound for the joyful Diwali.

  1. Beamed Up Laser Lights

Dias and candles will be lit up to celebrate the festival of lights, Diwali. We can use the beamed up laser lights as well, along with the candles and dias.

  1. Wind Chimes

The crackers make an exciting sound. Wind Chimes can also make an exciting sound if played in sync. Let us engage our small ones also in this playful and joyful activity.

  1. Aarti and Mantras on Sound

The aarti of Lord Ganesha and Man Laxmi, along with divine mantras on amplifiers, will add more excitement to the festive mood. Therefore let us recite or play prerecorded mantras and aarti on full volume as well. 

More importantly, do not shop from platforms such as Amazon and other e-commerce websites that spread Hindu hating content. Let us shop locally from those who celebrate Diwali, not from mullahs who hate you and your festivals. Let us boycott the Jihadi Bollywoodians who insult the Hindu gods by making movies like Laxmi Bomb. Stay united and teach the jihadists an economic lesson this Diwali. 

Happy Diwali. 

By Awasthi_Ji

Suggestion Credits to Anshula

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