Truth about this story rests like a sunken big ship in the bed of an ocean, yes, it is still surviving in folklore in the Tribal Sindh in Pakistan. An unforgettable moment of a nearly 1200 year old incident. 3rd July, A day of struggle to redeem the pledge of an indefatigible struggle for the Sindh Identity. A journey of Prophecy or the Curse !!!

History hid it. Text books ostracized it. Such is the predicament that a cursed memory is painfully recalled and easily forgotten. Author reach of imagination has no end. It retrieves biting truth and melted memory from the fathom of history.

Raja Dahir would remain an unforgettable icon and father of Sindh for all his original children.  Spread in Sindh in Pakistan nearly 70 Million strong in number and struggling for water in this summer. The Pakistani Punjab has stopped the Indus water supply and Sindh is on the verge of near parching. Barren land, dried water bodies and dusty desert tells a story of a nearly 1200 year old incident.

Struck with an arrow, bleeding profusely, wuthering in deep pain the indomitable Raja Dahir asked. Who is the traitor? Who opened the Gate? How the melechha did enter the city? Strutting voice was never the hallmark of an otherwise resounding voice of Raja Dahir.

One among us, yes, only a few among us in our estate has betrayed us. Having Colluded with Meleccha, they betrayed Sindh.

Tormented and grieving, Raja Dahir was flabbergasted at the stupidity. No this should not happen. What will they offer them in exchange?

Get my Elephant ready for the battle. Get my contingent, my garrison and my Spear. Not much time is left. Raja Dahir knows revenge. Shaken yet not lost.  Soldier death should be in the battle ground. A barely audible voice had courageous intent.

Confronted with two columns of invaders against the last and small contingent of Sindhi warriors, Raja Dahir could identify a traitor among the enemy, guiding those invaders.

Infuriated King at his voice best, O listen, a traitor, a Sinner of this land of Sindh, who made you brainless while deceiving your fellow Sindhi. Did not think of your children and posterity? Why? Are not you aware, this cruel misdeed has robbed the fortune of your land, your own posterity.

Stunned at the ferocity of King Dahir, Time appeared to have frozen for a while. The weight of the towering body on the debilitating limbs was taking a heavy toll. Raja Dahir nearly collapsed in pain and disappointment.

Your children will starve and crave for water one day. Brutal cruel days will follow then. Sanity will die. Yet Your Sin will remain remorseless.

The sunken eye has turned dry and motionless. The last warrior of Sindh was gone. His prophecy or Curse. The enigma still survives in the folklore in Sindh.

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