On Thursday night, there was a commotion near the Ramgarh police station in the Alwar district of Rajasthan. As he prepared to take Alavada medicine, Gurbaksh Singh, the former granthi of the Milakpur village Gurudwara, was attacked by unidentified outlaws from a certain society. The thieves cut his hair after stopping his bike and putting chilli powder in his eyes and tying with bandage.

He claims that he was not beheaded because he is a sikh man; instead, they left after cutting his hair. The people admitted him to the hospital after learning about the incident. Additionally, people made a late-night police station complaint in Ramgarh.

Tejaswini Gautam, the Alwar SP, arrived in Ramgarh at 10:30 p.m. after learning of the incident and assessed the scene. Former granthi Gurbaksh Singh was greeted by police at the hospital, who promised to quickly make the culprit into custody. Gurbaksh Singh, the victim, claimed that he had gone to Howrah to get medications. Some passersby offered their hands and urged them to proceed since they believed someone from Malakpur was lying. They grabbed me away and began beating me as soon as I got off the bike. I was blindfolded by the criminals, who then began to threaten to cut off my neck.

The victim spoke with the police-‘I told the miscreants why you want to behead me, I am the priest of the gurudwara. After this, he called a person named Jumma and told him that he is a priest of the gurudwara, not of Milakpur and is a resident of Sikri. At the behest of Jumma, the miscreants did not cut my neck, they cut my hair and left me after beating. Jumma had told him that if he is the priest of the gurudwara, then cut his hair, that is enough. After this, the attackers also threatened him to remain silent in this matter. If you complain to the police then you will have to face the consequences. The victim has given the number of attackers as 5.”

Tejaswini Gautam, the superintendent of police, stated that a report has been filed in this case based on the victim Singh’s account. He claimed that some individuals had beaten and chopped off his hair while stopping him in the street. In the community, a row was raging over a girl who had escaped. That being the case, this episode is over. A case has been filed and an investigation has begun based on the victim’s statement.

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