It is no secret that Indians are good at math, and that they tend to look at every phenomenon from a mathematical perspective. Therefore, it should be no surprise, that yours truly – also an Indian American- is attempting to model the US Presidential election using an equation. I will also show at the end how this mathematical equation ties into a current Indian festival season.

Therefore, without further ado, here is my mathematical model for the election between President Trump and former Vice President Biden.

Biden + Pollsters + Main stream Media + Foreign media + Intelligence agencies + US Armed Forces + Big Tech + Many US Courts + ex-presidents from both parties, plus ex presidential Republican candidates + Billionaires + Wall Street + China + Hollywood + athletes + celebrities + IRS < Trump

Most major polls are reporting that Trump is trailing by a lot. The pollsters are risking their existential future by continuing to predict at 12+ point nationwide lead for Biden. They refuse to adjust their models to reflect ground reality. It is unknown if this is due to factors that are hard to control, or because they are manipulating the election by trying to discourage Trump voters and hence preventing them from showing up to vote. If there is another repeat of the erroneous projections in 2016, their whole lot will fade into the sunset forever.

It is no secret that the Mainstream media within the US, along with foreign media, is tripping over itself to paint Trump as the worst candidate in the history of all elections everywhere. They are clearly using double standards in treating Biden with kid gloves, while their reporters strangely transform themselves into tough and mean debaters when interviewing Trump. They manufacture reasons like ‘lack of authenticity’ to censor away any detail on the alleged corruption of the Biden family, even though there are national security concerns that arise from the purported corrupt acts . This is the same media that had no qualms about the authenticity of the Russia hoax, which in the end was proven to be manufactured by Hillary Clinton working in conjunction with corrupt secret service organizations. All this with the tacit approval of an outgoing administration.

It is now clear that the intelligence agencies were working hand in glove with those that were trying to falsely implicate Trump the Candidate and had the audacity to continue the charade even after he took office. The intelligence agencies also took no time to come up with a large list of ex intelligence senior operatives who were magically able to opine that the Hunter laptop was planted by Russia, without ever touching it. Whereas the current intelligence agencies have publicly ruled out any Russian role in the laptop and its contents.

The Chiefs of the armed forces are known to publicly and ignore Trump’s announcements of troop withdrawal from Syria and Afghanistan. While the rank and file of the army may support Trump, he has publicly stated that the brass do not take him seriously.

To add to the list of those that have publicly decried Trump, one can add both Democratic and Republican Presidents Obama and Bush, Republican presidential nominees Romney and McCain, and contenders and important congressmen as powerful as Jeb Bush. Not to forget many judges at various courts all over the county, that keep handing down defeats to the Trump administration, especially in matters of immigration. Then there are the large number of Hollywood stars, celebrities from all walks of life, and just about all professional athletes that don’t hold back their contempt for Trump.

If the hugely disproportionate funds going from Wall Street and Tech giants to Biden are any indication, then the uber rich are also dead against Trump. This goes in the face of repeated claims by Biden and the Democrats that Trump stands for the rich. The Tech giants deserve a special mention, because what they did in censoring the Hunter scandal, amounts to censorship the likes of which were only thought to exist in China and the USSR of the old days.

As if these forces were not enough to stop Trump in his tracks, China has all the motivation to derail President Trump’s plans, and it is hard to imagine is not helping in any way they can , to ensure he loses his reelection bid. The EU, Germany, France are also not too happy with Trump looking out for the US and making them pay their fair share for NATO and being a strong supporter of Brexit forces. They are doing all they can to ensure a Biden victory.

Trump has publicly acknowledged that the Internal Revenue Service has given him a harder time than they gave the tea party and other conservatives with their targeting efforts for the decade ending in 2013.

Any one of the above forces would be formidable by themselves. Imagine the combined lot of them orchestrating a plan to defeat Trump at every step, via investigations, parading his family members to give testimonies, an impeachment, and the open ridicule on all left leaning news networks. All these forces have been working in concert to ensure his loss in his 2020 reelection bid.

What the democratic team failed to do is field a clean candidate in 2016 and has repeated the blunder again in 2020. In 2016 Hillary Clinton is on record to have claimed that she lost the election due to the release of her emails. And in an exact repeat of that election, Biden is now well on track to lose the election because of the recently released Hunter Biden emails.

An outsider like Trump, with hardly any aid from those that could be considered powerful, was able to defeat the powerful and established Hillary Clinton in 2016 and is about to repeat that with the 47-year-old veteran politician in Biden. The Indian festival of Dusshera that just culminated yesterday, is based on the belief that if one is on the right side of truth, or in other words is Dharmic (righteous), then they can defeat the mightiest of all forces, no matter how insurmountable the odds may seem. As had happened with slaying of the powerful Mahishasur by Goddess Durga, and the defeat of the mighty Ravana by Shri Ram.

With so many special interests getting together to defeat a beltway outsider, it is becoming increasing clear to undecided voters that Trump is our one and possibly the only chance in many lifetimes at cleaning up the swamp, which has become very formidable and entrenched over the past few decades.

May the more righteous of the two candidates win, no matter the odds.

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