The farmers' movement for the last 70 days has been internationalized and now the remote control of this movement has shifted from India to other countries and this movement is now being controlled from these countries. This is exactly like the marketing strategy in which the farmer movement has become a product and this product is being promoted by big celebrities. When any celebrity promotes a product, it is called Profit Making Strategy.

In mathematics, there is a theory of angles that when a line changes its position by rotating with one end fixed, it is called an angle. We feel that the angle of the farmers’ movement started against the agricultural laws but has changed and you can call it an odd angle if you want. When the circumstances start to be asymmetrical, then an odd angle is formed and the farmers’ movement seems to be making such an angle against India. 

Greta Thunberg earlier came out in support of the ongoing farmers’ protest against the BJP-led Central government’s new agriculture laws. Greta Thunberg tweeted, “We stand in solidarity with the #FarmersProtest in India.” She also shared a document through her Twitter handle showing clearly a sinister conspiracy to defame India on the international fora.

While everybody’s focus is on Greta and the deleted toolkit, #String is bringing the focus back on #Rihanna.
The Rihanna-Soros-Democrat nexus is really deep & it dates back to 2012
. For Further clarity the link to the video is embedded below:

ROBYN R FENTY, whom we all know as Rihanna, opened a company in 2012 – Clara lionel foundation. The names of the founding directors are:






Interestingly one name came into spotlight that was Mai Lassiter.

Who is Mai Lassiter ?

She raised funds of 882,600 dollars for Obama presidential campaign in 2011-12 and o1,047,600 dollars in 2007.
So, evidently, she’s the bridge between Obama(Democrats) and Rihanna. Not to be forgotten that she is a mere HOMEMAKER/HOUSEWIFE by profession.

Here questions arise that How a Homemaker is able to raise so much money
and she is diverting the funds towards Rihanna’s company which was raised for the election and was indirectly given by Soros (through Lassiter) to Obama during the 2012 elections

Answer Lies here:

In 2016 The Obama Administration returned 9 million dollars to Soros from the taxpayer’s money.

In short,Taxpayer money was used to clear the debt funded by George Soros.

Also Hillary has praised Soros publically many times & has said that-"America needs people like Soros
We have also seen Rihanna campaigning for Hillary Clinton many times in past.
Detailed article link attached above.
This can be a simple coincidence as Rihanna campaigning for Hillary. Obama administration praising and giving money to Soros.And a common link Mai Lassiter, who raised money for Obama, holds the post of Director in Rihanna's company.
But displayed herself as a housewife in the Obama Fundraiser list.
Not to forget George Soros had  pledged 1 Billion dollar to fight "would to be dictators" his jibe was at India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Why the Soros link is so important here ?

This is Important because PM Narendra Modi is on his list of “would-to-be-dictators”. And he wants to pull him down by hook or crook

Recently we saw the tweet from Rahul Gandhi using the same word “Dictator”

Apparently, the Clara Lionel Foundation and Soros’ Open society foundation both donated money for COVID to be in the news and show that they are doing something good for society.
Both the names coming together itself is a big red flag.

Why is he speaking the same language which Soros is speaking ? To know why he’s speaking like the same way,below attached video can be referred.

India is a nation of Sanatan Dharma. Our restrain must not be considered to be cowardice or slumber. It is not far, when the Indian and International lobby, some funded by Soros, working against the interest of India will face the wrath of the people of India. It will be difficult for his organizations to do business in India.


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