Example of Cut, Copy-Paste Application of illogical Western Template of Equality –

If a rich guy is speeding a vehicle or is without a helmet, there is certain fixed penalty, say 500 or 1000 bucks. The poor is charged the same, but since he cannot afford he has to follow the law.

Basically, the rich can literally “buy the law” with a payment and trample upon the rights of the other citizens and safety regulations.

Now compare this with the Ancient India format of justice –

A Brahmin was punished 10 times more than a shudra for the same crime based on his learning ability and his social responsibility being considered higher than a shudra (jobber) who does not have the learning ability or is incapable of higher roles. The principle of natural justice says that treating unequals as equals is also injustice.

Fun fact, America or the West is not the land of freedoms, its the land where you can buy whatever freedoms you like.

Well, this is not the only western half-baked idea that was pasted on all colonies of Britain. Their body of literature is poor and the framework of law is not worth even calling sub-standard, which the World is sadly following right now.

The word dharma translates into duty in English, but they use the template word religion on Hindus guessing that we must also be the same like mob objectives-collective like that of christians and muslims.

The word dharma translates into duty in English – that covers duty towards worshipping-seeking those supreme values – godliness. The godliness is enshrined into a physical format with a pran pratishtha of the diety symbolic of those values. Just like in the west and even here, we use photos-posters of our ideals like mentors, scientists, leaders, sportsmen,.. etc. I fail to understand how do they question us on idol worship. Just like we do not worship these posters and not even want to copy all parts of lives of these ideals that we admire, we are not worshipping the idols, but only seeking the supreme values they attained. Now the methods of seeking can be both individual spirituality of attaining those values and even collective practices of celebrating those values through festivals and rituals.

The western word religion is about collective attainment of mob “beliefs”. The word belief fundamentally contrasts with our theme of seeking values. Similarly, the western word prayer is derived from the root meaning of asking. Asking material things-wishes has no place in seeking spiritual godliness-values in Hinduism. While none of the English language words can anyways match Indian depths of meanings, they apply blanket uncle and aunt for all relations.

Since the west cannot understand the difference between dharma, kula, jati and varna, they do the circus of saying there is so much casteism in India. Another western word ‘caste’ used blanket on Hindus without understanding anything about India. If West is anything, it is naïve and illiterate. And our fools dance in this circus along with them.

We are at such a depreciated point of human existence, where we need to teach India to Indians and also the West.

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