Sister Lucy probably had no idea how she would upset the patriarchal Papacy and the rapist ex-Bishop Franco Mulakkal.

Thousands of nuns and children are raped in the Catholic institutions.

One such instance occurred in Kerala, and Sister Lucy blew the lid on horny rapist Bishop Mulakkal. Instead of supporting the Sister, the Vatican Papacy acted in the most insane and inhumane manner.

Instead of supporting the numerous rape survivors and sisters and nuns who have stood up against sexual abuse and violence, the Vatican has decided to punish the whistleblowers instead.

We have read a number of stories where even nuns are involved in initiating and propagating child rapes by Bishops and Catholic Priests. And when it comes their turn, the Catholic institution -the world’s oldest bureaucracy harasses, shames and punishes the nuns.

Sister Lucy received notice from the Franciscan Clarist Congregation which stated that she has been permanently dismissed from the Catholic Church. This occurred after she was asked to vacate the convent within one week. Lucy filed an appeal against the vacate order and that is when she was permanently fired from the Church. Below is the letter from the shameful Congregation.

However, this is not new. Lucy has undergone smilar mental trauma in the year 2019 when she was asked to vacate Church premises for standing up for another of ex-Bishop Mulakkal’s rape victim – yet another nun.

In short, the voices of the raped nuns have fell on deaf years all over Kerala.

Many have had the courage to go to the police, lodge official complaints even though the Church wished that these be swept under the rug. Finally, in 2018 due to public pressure rabid Bishop Mulakkal was arrested but he got bail from the Kerala High Court within one month.

13 others plus Lucy have stood up against Rapist Bishop Mulakkal

Idiot Mulakkal seems to believe that “brides of Jesus” should also satisfy the lust of “Shepherds.” He has been caught sending inappropriate, lewd, sexually explicit messages to sisters, including asking them to stay with him, serve him and satisfy him.

A sad day for Christians & Catholics as the Vatican falls further into the gutter

At one point poor Lucy was deliberately confined within the convent so that she could not go and file any complaints. Every attempt was made to not just protect the rapist Bishop but to make sure that all the voices of those who spoke against rapes were muzzled for good. She was also denied food at one point by the Church and no one in the Kerala Church system establishment bothered to stand up for her.

Lucy is just one voice and anyone with half a brain needs to support her. This is why #IstandwithLucy.

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