This article is partly in response to the article that I read captioned “The Indic Intellectual’s RSS Angst”* sometime in August last year and partly my own calling in the light of my own experience during my 10 years journey with HSS in Canada.


सत्यं ब्रूयात् प्रियं ब्रूयात् न ब्रूयात् सत्यम् अप्रियम् !

प्रियं च नानृतं ब्रूयात् एष: धर्म: सनातन: !!

(Manusmriti 4.138)

Let one say what is true, let one say what is pleasing, let one utter no disagreeable truth, and let one utter no agreeable falsehood; that is the Sanatana dharma.

Interestingly, the very next shloka is this:

भद्रं भद्रमिति ब्रुयाद्भद्रमित्येव वा वदेत् ।

शुष्कवैरं विवादं च न कुर्यात्केनचित्सह ।।

(Manusmriti 4.139)

Always speak the beneficial words of everyone. Do not protest and dispute with anyone without offense. Those words which are beneficial to others, but also strict, do not remain without telling them.

Apart from Manusmiriti, we would find similar teachings in many of our other shastra-s as well.

Especially, there are three individuals who are allowed to speak unpleasant truth viz. a mitram, a mantri and a vaidya (a friend, a minister, and a doctor).

The reasons are obvious because only a true friend can tell the bitter truth and help correct the wrongs.

If the minister, who has first-hand knowledge of the ground realities, speaks only what pleases the king, then right decisions may not be taken and that can destroy the kingdom.

Thirdly, the doctor has to tell the truth, even if it’s not pleasant because that helps the patient understand what precautions he needs to take to avoid worsening of the existing medical conditions.

I am a lifelong admirer of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), though I never attended any shakha when I was in Bharat. After immigrating to Canada, I attended some and encouraged my wife and two daughters to attend shakha regularly, as I was busy settling down. Thereafter, I also sent my daughters to one-week-long Sangh Shiksha Varg (Training camps) 4 times and then we started Balagokulam (shakha for children) in September 2009 in Windsor (about 400 km away from Toronto), which we ran for 10 years till 2020 winter and then due to Covid, we had to stop.

While being actively involved in running Balagokulam, I was blessed with visits by three pracharaks several times and had the fortune to host them at our home for several days many times and had very fruitful, engaging, and enlightening conversations with them. I found these people, true sadhus, in civilian clothes. All of them are young, highly qualified, not married by choice, who could earn US $ 1-2 lakhs easily, or even more, and could enjoy their life just like we all do. However, they decided to quit their jobs and work full-time for Hindu dharma, for HSS (RSS in Bharat). They have no personal property, like real estate, vehicle, etc. Half of the time they are traveling and when not doing so, they live in a studio kind of an apartment with just basic necessities of living. Most of the time, when they travel, they do not even eat out because in most places, now, there are HSS supporters so they are invited to eat at those places. I found this as the most amazing virtue especially when you see so much corruption everywhere, so much degradation of characters everywhere that it’s simply incredible that RSS has prepared such a lot in thousands. I understand there are about 3500 pracharaks working in Bharat.

Therefore, today, I am playing the role of a friend who speaks the truth which is not pleasant because that, I think, is my svadharma and, I promise, with utmost honesty, to speak the truth.

First, let us look at what Sangh stands for by quoting from their website:

On their page vision and mission; Expressed in the simplest terms, the ideal of the Sangh is to carry the nation to the pinnacle of glory, through organizing the entire society and ensuring the protection of Hindu Dharma. (

I must acknowledge that what RSS has done and is doing for preserving and promoting our dharma is unparalleled, though for protecting much needs to be done and that’s the focus here. However, there is no doubt that if it was not for RSS, the story of Bharat, would have been much different and though hypothetical, would have been much worse than what we are experiencing today.

Ekal, Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram, Vidya Bharati, Sewa, Samskrit Bharati, etc. are organizations, all run by or inspired by RSS, that have filled the gap of all the work that in normal circumstances a right-thinking honest government ought to have done. These organizations have been doing amazing work and have been the cause of uplifting the lives of millions on a sustained basis. It would not at all be an exaggeration to say that if today we have a BJP government at the center headed by an RSS pracharak, a lot of credit must go to the foundation of the silent work, far away from the media glare, done by the Sangh in the last several decades. During the time since its inception, there was hardly a favorable time for it to even survive, forget about thriving. Whatever is their achievement is all due to incessant hard work, complete dedication, and strong belief in itself, its ideology, and single-minded pursuit with which it continued. By and large, the governments at the center as well as most states were openly hostile, most of the mainstream media ran a campaign to malign it, and RSS always was shy of countering the slanderness of those campaigns.

The author of the article I am referring to, goes into much detail of what RSS is doing and what it stands for rather than responding to the charges of Sai Deepak. He is absolutely right in describing all that RSS is doing. However, he takes the readers on an emotional ride rather than responding professionally. He not only calls Sai Deepak and Rajiv Malhotra but almost every non-RSS pro-Hindu intellectual either intellectually lazy or fraudulent for blaming RSS.

Sai Deepak says ‘They (means RSS leaders) do not know how to respond to the left ecosystem. They perhaps know how to canvas and organize during the course of elections, but on a civilizational front, from the standpoint of having a vision, from the standpoint of having a narrative, very few people are exceptions to this particular rule from within the RSS who are capable of articulating the position with clarity, with information, with erudition and who are in a position to debate a person from the left in public’. According to me, with my 10 years of experience with HSS and close encounters with some pracharakas, Sai Deepak is, in all humility, right here.

First of all, it’s not hidden from public knowledge anymore, thanks to the thriving Social Media, that 60-65 years of Nehru-Leftists combine has done immense damage to Bharat as a civilization as well as to Bharat as a society, almost irreversible now, and whatever good RSS and its allied organizations have done, is no match for the damage that has been brought on us.

RSS was founded in 1925. It has grown in strength today having almost a million members.

Thousands of members of this parivar are highly educated. In fact, from those who have joined this parivar in the last 20-25 years, hundreds of them are computer engineers, doctors, lawyers, CAs etc. So many of them are full-time pracharakas, most of them are bachelors by choice.

Now, let us see why Sai Deepak is right.

  1. During the Congress/Congress-leftists rule in the last 60 years or so, the entire government-controlled academy was filled with their cabal and empowered them so much that today, after almost 8 years in power at the center, Modi government is feeling helpless on so many fronts that it seems it would perhaps take almost 25-30 years to do a near-complete cleansing of the massive rot that has spread in almost all the spheres of public life as well as in media and entertainment industry, and that is only possible if BJP is able to rule for this entire period without any break.
  2. The masterstroke of the leftists need millions of salutations because, actually not just in Bharat, but in almost the entire world, they have their people in media as well academia and to a great extent even in political life. They worked strategically to establish a truly working nexus with the Islamists the world over, and in India even with evangelicals, to continue hitting and biting Hindus (Rajiv Malhotra awakened us by exposing all this in his seminal book ‘Breaking India’).
  3. In Bharat, the leftists-Islamists ecosystem has spread to an extremely frightening degree in the following spheres:
  4. A)Indian Administrative/Foreign/Police Services
  5. B)Judiciary
  6. C)Many universities (esp. JNU/AMU/Jadavpur/TISS)
  7. D)Most of the English Electronic and Print media
  8. E)Bollywood
  9. F)NGOs
  10. G)Historians/Writers

So, when Sai Deepak says that ‘They (RSS leaders) do not know how to respond to the left ecosystem’, is he wrong here?

RSS had all the time in the world to see what was going on, to do proper purvapaksha of what the leftists were doing, and respond adequately to what they were strategizing and planting.

And, mind well, this has been going on for the last 50 years, at least, and RSS simply slept over it.

RSS covered many grounds, did too many great things, but, stayed completely away from this whole field of Intellectual Kshtriyataa (IK, as Rajiv Malhotra would say). By not dealing with this, all that RSS did is potentially, to a great extent if not completely, getting nullified. The changed demography says it all.

When the writer of the article says, the character of RSS is the same as that of the Army, in the sense that RSS had focused on other issues. Honestly, when RSS did thousand other things, why was this kept, or shoved, under the carpet? Manpower was never a problem. Then, what was the problem? It could be the top leadership, some would say. Perhaps that was true. Probably, the visionary leadership was absent and is still absent.

In all of the above fields, just like the leftists, RSS could have prepared, nurtured and introduced people of its ideology and ignoring that approach has proved fatalistic for Bharat now. Because of the stained and toxic Bollywood, which is so openly and outrageously anti-Bharat, anti-Hindu that is backed and promoted by so many popular, charismatic villains (in the garb of ‘heroes’) and most young people emotionally get carried away by these scoundrels who are the backbone of this anti-civilization ecosystem.

On one hand, the leftist History-text-book writers removed all the glorious epochs of victories by Hindu kings and its glorious past from what was taught, thus inculcating in young minds that Bharatiyas were always losers and on the other hand, Government did not support any teachings anywhere about Sanatana Dharma while funding Madrassas and Christian studies from the money that they extracted from Hindu mandirs which they hold under their control that have an income of thousands of crores of rupees. Bollywood also has been playing a big role in demonizing Hindus and showing the Muslim community as always caring, helping, and peace-loving for the last 40-50 years.

RSS had all the time in the world to fill all these institutions with people of their own ideology who would always consider rashtra first above everything else. But, the leadership never considered that. Controlling the right narrative is extremely important to take ownership of our heritage.

Well, the writer of the article can take an excuse under the plea that RSS was not meant to be what Sai Deepak wants it to be. However, RSS did one thousand other great jobs, right? Was it meant for all those jobs?

Now, let me quote some quotes from the website of RSS/Webpage-RSS: The Mission:

  1. Yet, by involving himself in all the wholesome physical and intellectual programmes, both formal and informal, in the Shakha, he in course of time becomes broadminded and service-oriented, ready to serve society.
  2. Gone are the days when Hindu society could be denigrated by all and sundry; gone too are the days when heaping contempt on Hindu society by one ruse or another was equated with intellectual superiority. It is these latter types of pseudo-intellectuals who are now running for shelter. And the more pragmatic among them have now coolly adopted the vocabulary.
  3. Thus the thrust of the Sangh and its methodology is not restricted to its outward institutional form only, but is multi-dimensional, extending beyond the boundaries of “sanghasthan” . The aim is to activise the dormant Hindu society, to make it come out of its self-oblivion and realize its past mistakes, to instill in it a firm determination to set them right, and finally to make it bestir itself to reassert its honour and self-respect so that no power on earth dares challenge it in the days to come.

If you read quote 1), you do see that RSS does have both the programs, physical as well as intellectual.

Reading quote 2) raises the question that if an organization challenges a certain section of anti-nationals, on what basis does it do so? Merely by holding shakha and teaching good values, you cannot create an ecosystem where one could handle the arsonists who are armed to the teeth with different weaponry of scholarly blood and sweat.  The leftists have all worked very hard to reach where they are today while RSS was busy holding shakhas and teaching good values. Chanakya taught us, and so also Bhagwan Shri Krishna, that to deal with adharma one has to fight to destroy it. We cannot keep repeating ‘be a good boy, they will change’. It never works as all our Avataras, all our devata-s teach us. Many of these pseudo-intellectuals are true intellectuals, have vision and strategy, though toxic and vile, who have worked hard to make Bharat bleed all the time since our independence. And, the attacks and assaults on Hindus and our civilization have not at all reduced. On the contrary, they have increased multi-fold and there are very few intellectuals from the other side who are able to counter them and, unfortunately, most of them are non-RSS scholars. To counter the massive assault on Hindus and our civilization that is happening day-in-day-out in Bharat and around the world, RSS is almost conspicuous by its absence. So on its website, when it says;

It is these latter types of pseudo-intellectuals who are now running for shelter. And the more pragmatic among them have now coolly adopted the vocabulary.

Does RSS truly believe it? Would anyone believe this?

If some of these leftists seem to be running for cover, it is because of non-RSS scholars like Rajiv Malhotra, Dr. Vikram Sampath, Sai Deepak, Dr. A. Ranganathan etc. The contribution of the RSS leadership to counter the toxic narrative of the leftists, I am sorry to say, is almost zero.

If you read quote 3), when RSS itself says its thrust is multi-dimensional, what does it mean? Perhaps, that would mean, the organization would adopt several approaches rather than staying fixated on one and keep working dynamically. That also would mean, it would conduct a periodic review of its approach and its strategy. Does that happen? We shall see a little later.

The website also says that ‘It would want to help Hindu society realize its past mistakes’. However what about mistakes by RSS? If anyone else shows them their mistakes, he’s castigated as lazy intellectual. I have personally observed this during one camp in Milton (near Toronto, Canada) in the summer of 2010. There was one gentleman who was discussing RSS/HSS (Outside Bharat, it’s called Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh-HSS) and its approach. He pointed out some issues and suggested some changes. There was a senior pracharak listening to him along with a few of us standing by. I found his points were valid. However, the senior pracharak abundantly showed with his body language that he did not seem interested in what he was saying and finally, he brushed him aside and without making many comments, simply got up.

I have a few other personal experiences that confirm this viewpoint that RSS does not care about the feedback.

There was an International 5-days RSS Vishwa Sangha Shibir (International Sangha Camp) in Indore in 2015 that I attended where there were about 700 swayamsevakas from 45 countries.

The arrangement to stay, the food, and the ambiance were all great. RSS always excels in this aspect.

I had the opportunity to speak to many Swayamsevakas from many countries and most of them said that whatever was suggested, whatever was discussed in the camp in 2011, hardly anything was implemented. Most of them were of the view that things do not change much at RSS.

In two of the seminars during that shibir, I got up to make some suggestions. In one such seminar, I was not only asked to stop halfway but was also quietly ignored too. What did I suggest?

  1. Prepare more TV panelists like Sambit Patra, tens of them to deal with the brilliant strategists of the leftist ecosystem.
  2. Create a body of swayamsevakas in Bharat who should work with and invite RSS supporters/Bharat supporters from overseas who can continuously share what could be of importance to RSS to fight the narrative wars. I gave one example of Amir Khan who had publicly spoken about intolerance in Bharat in the summer of 2015. A couple of months before he spoke, an article had appeared in April 2015 in Saudi Gazette**by a very well-known liberal columnist and thinker Khalaf Al-Harbi that India (Bharat) is the most tolerant nation on the earth. I stated that if there’s a system where RSS swayamsevakas could connect to the supporters of Bharat by creating some channels, it would help fight such intellectual wars.


  1. I also suggested that RSS should be more active on Social Media and other Mainstream Media too, as the other side was winning the narrative war while we were simply avoiding to face them in such a combat.

Suffice it to say, I was very quietly ignored. No acknowledgment from the presenter of any kind was offered.

Secondly, in Canada, we organize yearly chintan baithaks (Brainstorming sessions/Annual Review meeting) of all the shakha pramukhs and karyakartas.

Since I live almost 400 km away from Toronto, I could not attend most of the baithaks. However, I did attend once in around 2014 or 2015 and I made some suggestions which were received without any enthusiasm. While everyone does a great job with a lot of dedication, there is not much scope for change because the leadership is poor. Most of them are doing what they have been doing for the last 20-25 years. One does not find much change in the structure, in thinking etc.

I also suggested the following in 2018 and I quote from my email to them.


  1. HSS website unfortunately is completely redundant now and must be revived and enriched with all the possible resources, should be made user-friendly, beautiful, fast, and must be kept most updated. Through HSS website, providing resources can bring rewards.
  2. All shakhas should use maximum Samskrit words during shakha and also devote at least 10-15 minutes for Samskrit teaching regularly and send them by email what is learned to review at home. All teachers should be obligated to pass at least Pravesha Samskrit exam. Samskrit should be one of the top priorities.
  3. Much more emphasis needs to be placed on preparing Intellectual Kshatriya. Parents should be encouraged to prepare the children mentally to choose different streams of learning in Universities, apart from being doctors and engineers, such as Humanities, Philosophy, Philology, Samskrit Study etc. For that, exposure to Samskrit is very necessary from childhood itself.
  4. Adequate time should be spent on conducting Baudhik contests. Intellectual pursuits must be given a huge priority along with Yoga/Meditation. Dharma Bee kinds of contests should be yearly pursuits on a Provincial basis and regular feature on a local basis.
  5. Wherever Samskrit words are used in the Baudhik material, e.g. Mahabharat story material, Devanagari prints must be mandatory along with the diacritical. If we need to spread the learning of Samskrit, Devanagari script knowledge is a must. I do understand that children born here may not be able to read Devanagari, but, we need to start sometime, somewhere. This will also help correct pronunciations. In the last 70 years, most of the English-educated Bharatiyas have learned, unwittingly, wrong pronunciations of hundreds of Samskrit words(which are also our mother-tongue words in almost 50-60 % of the cases).

Some examples are रामा for राम , योगा for  योग and विदुरा for विदुर.

  1. Whoever prepares the story materials, should have his name and contact information on the material so that if anyone has any question/concern/suggestion, can contact him.

These are my humble suggestions and I may be wrong in some/many issues, but I am presenting these ideas so that we can do manthan and come out with some Amrut.


Again, needless to say, there was no acknowledgment.

I also had requested twice in a span of one year to one sahsarkaryavaha (All India Gen. Secretary of RSS) that Rajiv Malhotra was looking for some 2-3 young volunteers to help research the material for his books on a long term basis. So, if RSS/HSS could lend some dedicated Swayamsevakas, then that will help Rajiv Malhotra in his work and in turn, these volunteers would be trained as Intellectual Kshatriya, a win-win situation for both. And, as far as I understood, only RSS could provide such manpower because it has thousands of completely dedicated and highly educated people in its parivar. After receiving my email, he replied that I should forward this email to another pracharak (he named him), so I did that. I did not receive any reply, not even any acknowledgment. After 6-8 months, I repeated the same exercise. Again, I received the same reply from the All India Gen. Secretary (this time he gave me two names) and I again forwarded my email to both of them. Again, I received no reply.

Here, I must clarify that whatever I wrote to RSS leadership was on my own initiative. Rajiv Malhotra did not know me then. But, I have been following him for a long time and also volunteering for his work. Since I had heard him in some of his talks that he needed help to do research for his books, I was prompted to write to the RSS leadership.

Mananiya Shri Mohan Bhagwatji always says that DNAs of all Bharatiyas is the same, against which many nationalist scholars, not from parivar though, raise questions. Mananiya Bhagwatji is a very brilliant and scholarly person and his speeches are extremely articulate and are simply treats to listen to. However, this harping on DNA makes no sense because even Pandavas and Kauravas had the same DNA. But, they fought the greatest war ever on our soil. It makes no sense to really compare Hindus with Muslims because genetic modification has taken place in many of them, so outwardly one looks same as the original, but inside he’s changed.

And, in any way, while we say that we all have the same DNA, do the Muslims agree with us? The answer is obvious.

As we see from the results of the election of UP, even after 5 years of complete non-partisan secular and somewhat even appeasing rule, if I may dare say, BJP hardly got any Muslim votes. Farhat Ali Khan, National President of All India Muslim Mahasangh, while participating in a panel discussion on Sudarashan TV post-UP election results, clearly stated that even if Muslim women want to vote for BJP, they cannot because they are administered vows by their husbands in the name of Allah not to do so.

If we take the latest issue of the movie released on 11th March into consideration, it is clearly a pointer to our utter helplessness as nationalists. The Bollywood mafia, the Cinema Theatres ownerships, the media and the whole ecosystem have ganged up against this movie and we, that includes RSS as well as non-RSS nationalists, are simply onlookers unable to do much and that too after BJP in power for almost eight years. With a million members, if RSS is helpless in such a situation, what can some individuals really do? There is one mantra that is chanted all the time by RSS ‘sanghathanme shakti hai (There is strength in the unity)’. My question is, if one cannot manifest, use his shakti in the time of need, what is the use of such shakti?

So, here is my final take.

RSS top leadership needs to do chintan and manthan on the following subjects:

  1. Encourage children to seek careers in Humanities, Philology, Philosophy, Sanskrit, Journalism, Entertainment Industry, IAS/IPS/IFS, Judiciary, Academy etc. These are the fields completely flooded with thousands of leftists/Islamists supporters. And, that is because of their strategic planning and vision.
  2. Is it willing to seek help from non-parivar scholars who are also nationalists, who are also pro-Bharat? So far, they have restricted themselves to only from their own parivar and that is the main reason no intellectual work has come out of it. I tried to search for books on their website and I find total 26 books, out of which 2 are biographies of Dr. Hedgewar and Shri Balasaheb Deoras, 18 are all compilations and collections of the works and thoughts of Guruji (Mananiya Shri M.S. Golwalkar). Out of these, 8 are in English, and 18 are in Hindi and none of which can be said to be the work of research or path-breaking. All of these books are written and published a long time back. Most of these books only convey the ideology of RSS or darshan (loosely translated as philosophy, but not truly a translatable word) of Sanatana dharma from their perspectives. But, where are any intellectual works on the par of Swatantravir  Savarakar, Sitaram Goel, Dharampal, Arun Shourie, Rajiv Malhotra, Minakshi Jain, Vikram Samapth, Sai Deepak, Sahana Singh to name just a very few? By keeping its doors closed to outside scholars, experts and brilliant strategists, analysts etc, who are also as nationalists as any RSS member, RSS is losing out and thus Bharata is losing out. If RSS believes in the Vaidik darshan, then it should follow the teaching of Rigveda where it says ‘आ नो भद्रा: क्रतवो यन्तु विश्वत:- Let noble thoughts come from all sides.
  3. There are 39 countries where HSS is active. However, whenever any anti-Bharat, anti-Hindu incident takes place outside Bharat, HSS is usually conspicuous by its absence. Let us take the latest example of the webinar that was held in the fall of 2021 ‘Dismantling Global Hindutva’ where almost 50 highly reputed universities, most of them of the USA, and several academicians supported this webinar. The speaker after speaker was spewing poison on Hinduism, Bharat, Modi government and, interestingly, on RSS too. Who protested and created awareness among Bharatiya diaspora prior to the event with their full might and saw to it that it did not achieve its objective fully? Not RSS/HSS, unfortunately. It was spearheaded by Infinity Foundation (Founded by Rajiv Malhotra), CoHNA (Coalition of Hindus of North America) and HAF (Hindu American Foundation), all based in the USA. These kinds of talks, webinars keep happening and HSS is hardly there to raise its voice.
  4. Inculcate in Hindus values/teachings to be brave and not cowardly. The teachings of Bharatiya Martial Arts can make them strong and brave. How much and how far shall we keep running away? We ran away from Kashmir, we found shelter in Jammu and other parts of India. Hindus ran away from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan and they found some shelter in India. Hindus ran away last year after elections in West Bengal, they found shelter in Assam. However, where shall we find shelter if we are assaulted now in Bharat? There are nine states where Hindus are already in minority and there are so many areas where Hindus are attacked. If we cannot defend ourselves against the attacks, then it would be almost impossible to survive. On the line of  ‘The Kashmir Files’, perhaps there will be no artiste like Vivek Agnihotri to make a film ‘The Bharat Files’.
  5. Strengthen VHP and Bajarang Dal.

Lastly, with complete detachment, and having worked for RSS/HSS and also for Rajiv Malhotra, I would like to add my two paisa humble request to RSS.

If RSS ever gets to do atma-chintan, atma-manthan, or introspection, the top leadership should realize that Sangh is absolutely cut-out for all that it has been doing as well as pursuing this IK field. It has the manpower, it has the brilliant, completely dedicated and absolutely selfless nationalist people in it’s parivar. What is lacking is the vision and political will do take this up.

And, if it ever makes a decision to pursue this, it would definitely need the help of outsiders, unless it’s ready to wait for another 10-15 years to make it own its own.

However, the truth is that the top leadership must understand that, the battle cannot be fought and won by RSS alone. There are so many brilliant, scholarly, true nationalists outside of the parivar that ignoring them is giving the inimical forces more power.

And, the best bet would be to work with Rajiv Malhotra who is an extremely bright star on the Bharatiya civilizational horizon.

If RSS collaborates with him, one can expect to yield great results.

There is hardly any subject that he has not delved into that impacts us as a civilization, our Rashtra for its survival and our government for geopolitical strategy. He has dived so much deep and has brought so many gems that ignoring him is to our peril.

And, of course, apart from him, there are too many bright scholars that RSS must collaborate with if it really wants to achieve its ‘The Vision and Mission”.

Bharat has almost lost its battle as far as demographic change is concerned. The reason is obvious because of the first crucial 70 years of the rule of appeasement. If we live in hopes that this so-called minority samaj will not fail us, then perhaps we are living in a fool’s paradise. Yes, there are some who would live and let live, but most of the silent majority of them would not. The results of UP are indicators of what is to come.

I do not think BJP can really celebrate this victory if it does a deep analysis of the results.

The sooner we understand this truth, the better it may be for us.

I am too small a person to advise RSS. However, due to my concern that is born out of  the continuous attacks from many sides and in several parts of the country on us as ordinary citizens as well as on us as civilization, I plead to say with all humility that time is not on our side. We are already late.

However, we cannot give up. Lakhs of its members should be encouraged to be vigilant and keep an eye for the trouble that would be in the making. For example, during Ram Navami celebration, there were attacks by the minority community on Hindus in 7 states at perhaps 100 places. If these members and crores of BJP members can be encouraged to keep an eye, these incidents could have been easily prevented. I think there is a lack of leadership that can think outside the box. If we do not do adequate purushartha by utilizing the available massive human resources, then even our Ishwar cannot help us.

‘Sanghathanme shakti hai (There is power in the unity)’ is their signature credo. What is the use of this sanghathan if they cannot use that shakti?

Udit Shah

(I live in Canada since 2001. I am a Pharmacist by profession. Translated Rajiv Malhotra’s book “Breaking India’ into Gujarati. I also volunteer for some of his works, for Samskrit Bharati, for local Mandir activities etc.)


DISCLAIMER: The author is solely responsible for the views expressed in this article. The author carries the responsibility for citing and/or licensing of images utilized within the text.